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Who will win the golden shoe in the run-up to the European Championship 2020?  This year Lionel Messi scores extremely high in the lists of top scorer in Europe, but will that be the case next year?  The French team is also particularly strong with a player like Kylian Mbappé and who knows which players are still going strong. With a strong bet on 먹튀 검증 site you need to set your eyes on the followings.

Below we give you our predictions from the top scorers EK 2020:

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi again played very well for his team in the Spanish league.  He gave FC Barcelona the title and he won the European Golden Shoe 2018-2019 with 36 points.  No wonder this top scorer is at the top of our list.

The Champions League season ended without a trophy for Barcelona, ​​but Lionel Messi did finish as the top scorer of the tournament with his 12 strikes.  No one scored more goals than Messi with 24 goals in total. If we look at the odds of the various bookmakers, there is heavy betting on Messi as top scorer European Championship 2020.

Olivier Giroud

The strong French team won the 2018 World Cup and that is partly thanks to Olivier Giroud.  He recently scored his 35th French goal with a 4-0 win against Iceland in the qualifying round.  The striker of Chelsea is not often seen as one of the big ones, but his goals record speaks for itself.  He has 35 goals in 89 caps to his name and can easily add a lot more.

We see enormous potential in Olivier Giroud and expect that he will score a lot of goals during the European Championship 2020 too.

Luka Jović has become one of the most coveted players in Europe.  Unlike many other snares, which have only one specific power, Jović is at home in all markets.  Of his 25 total goals from the Bundesliga, he did 10 with his left foot, 10 with his right side and 5 with his head.  So Jović is definitely a player to keep an eye on during the European Championship 2020.

Kylian Mbappé

 We can call the performance of Kylian Mbappé impressive at least.  He scored a hat trick in the title match against Monaco. His greatest talent is his incredible speed.  He broke the record of the highest speed with 38.5 km / hour. Mbappé thus surpassed Ronaldo’s highest speed at the World Championship in Russia at 34 km / hour.  The top speed of Kylian Mbappé is therefore higher than the average speed of sprinter Usain Bolt.

 Mbappé was recently elected Player of the Year in the Ligue 1. The twenty-year-old soccer player was also named the best youngster for the third year in a row.  This is a promising talent and a certain chance maker to become top scorer in European Championships.

Written by Clare Louise

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