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The telephone number, which is not directly linked to a telephone line, is Virtual phone Number and it is also known as access number. Besides this, Virtual Phone Numbers can be registered with restricted or toll free area code and these numbers are frequently automatic to onward received calls to one of the pre – set handset numbers that is selected by the costumers , either landline , mobile or VOIP. Apart from this, VPN are hosted in the cloud , that is capable in offering the organization with a flexible option of call forwarding due to which one can take the business call from anywhere in the world , in workplace, or in road or at the home as well which is one the biggest advantages of Virtual phone Numbers. Besides this, one can attend various call at a same time in an exact regulate and even generate tradition forwarding list.

Apart from it, one can also create extensions for everyone in the team, no matter if there is one or more than 100 employees in the organization. This is the way to give options to the callers to choose the precise section so that they (customers) can easily get in touch with the right section from which they want to clear their doubts.  Organization can use call menu to make a list of options for the clients to opt from such as sales or support and many more. Besides this, texting business are the often reach out to the trade for first time than ever before and sending text is not limited t the local phone numbers. One can use virtual phone Numbers for the same (send and receive text) with toll free numbers that can be very beneficial for any organization on the marketing point of view. Along with the unlimited massaging services, Virtual Phone Numbers from providers like grasshopper competitors also provide one with the easily available and lithe voicemail managing features as well. In Virtual phone System, one can also keep particular section’s or customer’s voicemail separate by created the entity voicemail box for everyone. Most of organization gives preference to the local voicemail box.

Moving forwards, it also has the capability to keep separate business and personal calls because it offer the capability to generate outgoing calls and send text showing their Virtual Phone Numbers on the outgoing caller ID. By this one can keep their personal Number private. In addition to it, here one can also modified their incoming caller ID as well by which one (businessman) can easily be aware about the call that whether the call from a friends and relative or it is a business call. To add on, Virtual phone system also make sure that caller must remain on hold until the right person from the team is available to answer the call and sort out the quarry. But there is no need to stay on hold for a long time as organization’s staff is capable in receiving multiple calls at a same time and it also makes sure that no one from the customers will hear a busy signal again and again.  One can modify the melody or massage the calls pay attention to while they are waiting to be associated which is the best way to deal with the customers.


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