Can you live in a public storage unit?

Paul Petersen

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People don’t typically strive to become homeless. It’s not something we wake up one day and say, “Wow, I want to become homeless today.” But, unforeseen circumstances come up and becoming homeless may become a harsh reality.

Maybe you’ve recently lost your job, or you’re in the midst of selling your home and it sold faster than you anticipated. These situations can render your lifestyle for the worst and tough decisions need to be made.

The first tough decision is what you’ll do with your belongings while the second is where will you live.

For some, the easy answer is to live with friends or family while others may only have the option of living in their cars or shelters.

After you realize where you’ll go, you’ll need to figure out what to do with your belongings and that may mean you need to rent a public storage until you get on your feet.

Public storage unit regulations

Before you think that public storage is super cheap and you have enough room to live in the unit with your items, you need to understand the consequences of this illegal action.

The first consequence is that you could be fined by the storage unit for breach of the rental contract. Not following the rental contract can put both you and the facility in danger.

Another consequence could be getting the cops called on you. If the storage facility gets complaints or finds out you are illegally living in your unit, they have the right to contact the police.

If you thought being homeless was bad, think of how bad it could be for you to get evicted with all your items. Yes, the storage facility can evict you if they find out you are living in their unit. An eviction would mean you and your items will be on the street for good.

Back to the original question of, “Can you live in a public storage unit?” In short, no.

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