A Guide to Learn About Various Types of Punter

To choose the right online betting website, you need to find what type of punter you are. Depending on the playing style, a punter can be classified under various categories. Different motivation brings a punter to bookies. Getting an idea about yourself will help you get what you expect from the betting game.

Here we are providing a spectrum of different types of punters. So, find out which of these categories do you belong to.

The casual punter

This punter looks for “fun.”  If your main objective of betting is to experience the thrill of it, then you fall into the category of a casual punter. This kind of punter does not know whether he will lose or win in the betting game. A casual punter only looks for big bonuses.

Ufakick is the leading platform for online sports betting and casino. Online betting websites allow these types of punters to place a bet on their favorite games, and lotteries to maximize enjoyment.

The Ego-Driven punter

If you are among those who like to place a bet to feel smart by winning it, then you are an ego-driven punter. You are not a completely casual bettor who does not have the main aim win the bet to boost his ego. An ego-driven punter takes him every bet seriously. Such punters are ambitious ones. They should harness their ambition to learn more.

The Investment Gambler

An investment gambler may not have any interest in the sport on which he places the bet. He is only interested in making gains on his investment via gambling.

As an investment bettor, you will take the assistance of pro betting tipster with whose advice you can place the best bet. This tipster will offer you an expert opinion on who is going to win in a specific race or a sports match.

The Semi-Serious punter

This kind of punter wishes to make some extra money. He is not very much committed to learning new strategies. He may learn some strategies but does not have an elaborate betting system.

The serious punter

All the full-time and semi-professional punters fall under this category. If you are looking for an online betting site, you can go for the ones that provide competitive odds and a few other significant features to win over and over.

The Pro Gambler

This gambler read the cards, looks at the stats and forms a selection. A pro gambler follows the precise tips that they provide to their paid members. Most of the tipsters actually begin as a punter who after spending a lot of years becomes a pro gambler. They also like to share their knowledge with people.


So, these are the different types of punters that can be seen in the world of betting. There can be a possibility of you falling into more than a specific category.  An honest self-assessment will help you understand the reasons for betting. The more you understand yourself, the easier it will become to select betting strategies that suit your expectations.

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