7 easy tips for selecting the ideal personal wardrobe!

Planning & designing your bedroom is an extremely personal experience, because that happens to be your most private zone. Your bedroom needs attention to detail, and one of the critical elements in that context is the wardrobe. Most homes don’t have a separate dressing room, obviously because of space constraints, so the wardrobe has to be placed in the bedroom. If you check for wardrobe online, you are likely to find a whole bunch of choices, in terms of design, style, finishes and other aspects, but which one should you choose? In this post, we are offering quick 7 tips for selecting a wardrobe that will work perfectly for your bedroom.

  1. Don’t forget the space you have. If you don’t have enough space in the bedroom for hinged doors, go for space-saving sliding doors. Keep in mind that space is, in fact, the most important aspect for selecting a bedroom wardrobe.
  2. Consider built-in wardrobes. This may seem like a more expensive affair as compared to a readymade option, but is probably the best choice for any home. Built-in wardrobes are customized to meet the storage and style needs of the homeowner, so you can have a say on every aspect of the design.
  3. Think of professional assistance. There are some amazing interior design services out there, and these are worth paying for. Make sure that you consult at least one such service for your wardrobe needs, so that their design experts can recommend tailored ideas, which can fit into the space you have.
  4. Focus on better use. Instead of having a dressing table in the house, how about using a wardrobe that has full-length mirrors. In fact, full-length wardrobes with mirrors and sliding doors are in trend at the moment, more so because the idea can fit into any bedroom, no matter how small.
  5. Think of durability. From MDF to HDF HMR, hardwood and marine ply, there are many choices to consider in wardrobe materials, so evaluate all your options. Your wardrobe is an investment for the least decade or more, and therefore, spending a tad more is never a bad idea.
  6. Find the right finish. Your wardrobe should become a part of your interior theme, so the finish is something you must consider. Check if you need to go for something in lighter shades, like white, to add an illusion of space, or a dark wooden finish would fit better. Also, keep in mind that the colour should ideally match with other furniture in the house.
  7. Don’t forget the storage. What’s the maximum depth of the racks in a wardrobe? Is the height enough to store your suits and gowns? How many extra drawers do you need? Do you want storage solution for shoes, as well? The size of your wardrobe should be dependent on how much space you seek for storing everything away from sight.

Finding a design service

If you want to get customized built-in wardrobes, check for design services you can rely on. The idea is to find a solution that will work for your bedroom, rather than making room for a wardrobe you liked in the showroom. Don’t shy away from asking for an estimate and deadline for installation, and ensure that the company you choose has good reviews online. Review their wardrobe catalogue to find the best ones they have designed.

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