5 Popular Dating Apps You Should Know

Clare Louise

The concept of online dating seems to be an overwhelming task. You cannot term it as an awkwardness to send out direct messages to strangers. With the sheer number of users simply swiping could turn out to be a difficult task. An interesting part is that online dating is expected to grow in the days to come. Nearly 70 % of the couples have gone on to meet by the online route. To establish a connection in a bar is a tough task, but now you have the entire world of dating at your fingertips.

You have to just locate the right kind of app and 9apps is an apt one for your needs. It is a third-party play store where you can find millions of apps just like Google Play store. With the number of people looking to find a relationship, the market for online dating apps is growing. Let us now explore some of the popular dating apps in the market


After Tinder this is one of the popular dating apps. As per experts it’s a website to website app and this has a unique appeal for people in the age group between 45 and 65. You can download it for free, but it can restrict your browsing options. But a better option would be to purchase a premium version of this app.


Though this app might have brought out a hook-up culture still it is one of the popular apps in the US. Currently it has 8.54 million users the most by any dating app. This means that you have the chance of catching up with someone who meets your requirements. It might take a lot of time in order for you to reach there. Though this app is free a sensible option would be to choose a premium version of it.


Not only dating apps are restricted for the younger lot, even people in the age group of 45 to 65 have gone on to use some form of a dating service. This app encourages you to explore long term relationships that could even land on to marriage. Close to a million users in the age group of 50 and above are on this app.


This app goes on to set apart from all the dating apps and once a search is made a woman is required to make a move. You just have 24 hours to send out a message until and unless you opt for a booster relationship. Women love this app as it prevents unrestricted messages flooding them and even men are in love this app. An interesting aspect of this app was 58 % of men loved this app as it did take away the scenario of initiation.

Ok Cupid

This app asks you a list of questions in order to match up with the database of customers. This compatible driven focus is appealing to the users as it is super exclusive. It goes on to provide you with 12 gender identities and around 20 different sexual orientations. You can choose as per your desires.

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