Working Out as an Office to Boost Teamwork

I am Matt Hart, BetterWorks VP of Sales for several years. I want to share my experience with SoulCycle and its impact it had on our team at BetterWorks. To be honest, I was apprehensive initially, I did not rush to try SoulCycle. I was a pretty active guy that was kind of athletic, shot hoops with amigos, went on long walks with my girlfriend, yet not at all like the extreme vitality of SoulCycle. 

SoulCycle is a workout program done indoors with a stationary bike, led by talented and enthusiastic instructors. It features high-intensity cardio for fitness, muscle-building strength training, and rhythmic dance workout moves. It can be tough.

They bill themselves as a sanctuary to peddle through whatever you’re dealing with, celebrate your accomplishments, and sweat it all out on the stationary bike. Get absorbed by the mood of the room, the beat of the songs, feel the energy, and sweat. The goal is to feel stronger, like the best version of yourself, with the help and support of the class, together.

I rode once for the first time and was not sold on it. The following month I was welcomed by colleagues to take a ride with them, and participate. “Hey Matt Hart, let’s give it another shot”. Their invitation was warm and encouraging and brought me back to ride a second time. One thing leads to another and I find myself on my seventh ride and purchasing a SoulCycle volume pass for more lessons.

Soon the BetterWorks office was getting into the classes. We made a clan of SoulCyclers at my organization BetterWorks. We had an internal Slack channel to discuss and arrange which classes we would take together. 

SoulCycle was exploding at BetterWorks – day, evening, before work, after, even days off – we were hooked. Furthermore, we were infectious. At a certain point, a quarter of the organization was riding together after work in our local studio. I became part of our culture. We would listen to SoulCycle playlists on Spotify at our desks.  We would banter over Slack and lunch who the best trainers were.

SoulCycle developed our bodies, minds, and team unity. Consistently we had boosts to our collaboration, effort, and achievement alone and as a group. SoulCycle informally integrated into the way of life at BetterWorks. It was an approach to get healthier, bond as a team, and have a ton of fun. The cure to working silently and alone in a workspace throughout the day. 

Eventually, the evening class was packed with BetterWorkers, practically 50% of the organization buckled into bikes ready to rock. Such fellowship and vitality as so many of us moved and perspired together on stationary bicycles that never moved an inch. 

In our everyday lives, it is anything but difficult to lose all sense of direction in the sorted-out mayhem of office, companions, family and the entirety of the duties we take on. The drawback is that over and over again “personal time” and exercise get set aside for later. SoulCycle progressively turned into our break from work, and a path for us to consider each other a team, concerned and responsible for dealing with ourselves and encouraging one another. 

With SoulCycle, we turned into an increasingly strong group, concentrated on helping each other, and our customer organizations and their representatives, accomplish their objectives.

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