Will Cashmere Scarf Shrink After Wash?

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Cashmere scarf becomes one of the most popular winter accessory because it is luxury and super comfortable. On top of that, the lightweight cashmere scarves are popular during the warmer time of the year. That’s because they claim to offer maximum warmth with minimum bulkiness. And for the same reason, they are quite pricey. Owning a cashmere scarf is easy, but to maintain it will need a little extra care. And many fashion lovers would wonder: does cashmere scarf shrink?

 When you go to buy a 100% cashmere scarf, you will find that it’s branded the most long-lasting fibre in the market today. However, without the proper care then it will likely not last for as long as it supposed to. One of the major laundry room debacles is typically shrinking your cashmere scarf by accident. And yes, any temperature that is higher than 40 degrees in the washing process  or in the drying machine will definitely shrink down your cashmere scarf to almost a third. I can imagine your face when seeing your previous cashmere scarf being ruined only because that you are careless. Wanted to avoid the accident? Here are routines you can use to ensure your cashmere scarf lasts for years and years to come. If you don’t want to find yourself giving your cashmere scarf up for donation just a few days from buying it, then pay close attention to this article.

How to ensure your Cashmere Scarf Lasts Longer

1.     Shave Regularly

Has your cashmere scarf started forming ‘fuzz balls all over’? Well, that’s absolutely normal. Natural fibre is likely to form pills especially in areas where friction occurs. Places such as under your arms, where you carry your handbag and inside the thighs are prone to forming pills. The best way to deal with such problems is by using a razor blade to keep your cashmere scarf fuzz-free. It will also help it last longer.

2.     Don’t wear then wash

Don’t take this the wrong way. Let’s assume your day was spills, stains and sweating free, you can actually wear your cashmere scarf more than once before it requires cleaning. On average, it’s always recommended to wash your cashmere scarf after at least three wears. But you can also wear it even more before washing especially if you wear yours over a base layer.

3.     Ignore the Label

Many a times, the cashmere label will say ‘Dry Clean Only’. However, cashmere is made out of cashmere fur which more or less resembles human hair. And just like human hair, cashmere scarf will get more lustrous and fluffier after it’s washed. That means, dry cleaning only will likely damage the fabric over time.

However, if your cashmere scarf has any special buttons, embroidery or metals, then follow the instructions with care. Or you can also do your research to find the best way to clean such materials.

4.     Be Patient

Did you know that cashmere scarf even get softer? Yes they do! But it’s best to let such things happen over time. If you decide to add fabric softener, it will likely have the opposite effect. Also, cashmere scarf is more delicate when the fabric is wet. So, that means you need to be more careful.

More to that, cashmere can take days to dry so you really need to be patient. Don’t wring the scarf to dry. For you to gently press out the water, place the garment in a clean towel and gently roll it up. When the towel has absorbed the water, place the garment on a flat surface in a shady spot so it can dry.

Before You Go…

Aside from mishandling of cashmere scarves, it will likely last you for a long time. All you need is to ensure that you handle your cashmere scarf with the proper routines and you won’t have to worry about it shrinking. That’s it for today! Stick around for more interesting facts on cashmere scarf.

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