Why You Need to Invest in a Drinking Water Filtration System

Did you know that many of us don’t know that we are drinking unsafe water? Before, filtered water was a luxury, but now, it is a necessity. That’s because we wanted to have clean and safe drinking water every day. If you’re going to achieve this state, it’s time for you to invest in a drinking water filtration system. To learn more about water filtration systems, visit www.usaberkeyfilters.com

What is a water filtration system?

A water filtration system is a process that cleans your tap water. It helps you to filtrate toxins and harmful contaminants found in the water.

No matter how clean your tap water, it’s still prone to various germs and chemicals. Some of these contaminants came from human-made, while others occurred from their surroundings. That’s the reason why most of us are starting to purchase a water filter system.

Today, we’re going to discuss various water contaminants in tap water. Next, we will tackle the types and benefits of using a water filter system. Lastly, we will check some guidelines before buying a filtered water system in your home.

Water Pollutant That Can Found in Water.

Below are some water pollutants you can find in untreated water.

  • Germs and Bacteria

These microorganisms are found in any untreated water. If these germs enter your system, you might get sick and can harm your body. It can also affect your digestive tract.

As a result, you will lose your appetite, and it may cause dehydration inside your body.

  • Inorganic Substance

These harmful chemicals can affect the quality of your drinking water. Usually, these substances come from pesticides. It can affect the quality of water that runs from the pipelines.

When you drink tap water with these substances, it can give you a severe health problem.

  • Hard Water

Hard water buildup came from excessive calcium deposits from the water. It can lower the pressure of your water. Also, hard water can produce limescale. It can ruin your showerhead in the long run.

Types of Water Filter System you can Install

There are two main types of water sources in every household. These are:

  • Public treated water and
  • Private well water
  1. Public Treated Water

This type of water applies to any developed site and city. The water collected from water dams and rivers will go through various treatment processes. Here is the procedure that usually occurs in water treatment plants:

  • Screening

Massive particles will filter from collected water.

  • Filtration of Sediments

It is an advanced process of filtering out the remaining particles.

  • Disinfection Procedure

In the disinfection process, water treatment facilities use chlorine to kill all the germs in     the water.

  • Water Storage

Once the treated water is finished, it will transfer in a large storage tank and distribute it   to all the houses and commercial buildings.

  1. Private Well Water

For houses with a private source of water in their backyard, they need to install a water filtration system. That’s because water sources from the ground are more polluted. If you don’t filtrate this type of water, it may cause serious illness.

Here are the common types of water filter you can use for private well water:

  • Water Softener

Another type of water filter system that you can fix in your property is a water softener.   Experts suggest that water softeners must be your first stage of water filtration. That’s         because water from the ground contains more minerals, and it’s hard to break down.

Once the liquid passes through the water softener, you can now fix your primary water     filter system.

  • Carbon Filter

It is the most commonly used water filter due to its simple design. Tap water will pass       through in the carbon filter and filter large particles of contaminants in your water. It is     the cheapest type of water filter system in the market.

  • Reverse Osmosis

Many considered reverse osmosis as the most effective water filter system in your house. It is made with multiple stages of a filter; that’s why it removes all types of water    contaminants found in the water.

Why Filtered Water is Vital for Human Life

Drinking filtered water provides many health benefits to human life. It is made to keep our body in good condition. Here are the things you need to know about the water filter system.

  • It Protects your Heart and Improves Brain Function

Drinking enough clean and filtered water can reduce the risk of a heart attack. It helps      your heart pump more blood in the entire body.

Drinking water also lessens the thickness of the blood. As a result, it will deliver more       oxygen in your brain.

  • It Maintains Your Normal Body Temperature

Drinking filtered water helps you to maintain normal body temperature. That’s because

a liquid filter retains all the essential minerals found in the water. It keeps your body well hydrated. It also gives you the advantage of keeping your body fresh through sweating.

  • It Helps you Maintain Proper Weight.

Drinking clean and safe filtered water helps to speed up your metabolism. It also enables you to reduce your appetite to eat. All you need to do is to drink at least two glasses of            water before meals.

  • It Improves the Quality of your Skin and Hair

When you drink clean water, it will help you to improve the natural oil from your hair and skin. It also keeps the proper moisture in your body.

As such, you will not suffer from dry skin, and it will keep your hair soft and shiny.

  • It Cleans your Kidney

Your kidney plays a vital role in your body. Its primary function is to filter all the toxins   inside your body. By drinking purified water, it will help your kidney to flush all the toxins in your body more relaxed. Therefore, it will cleanse and prevent your kidney from     getting stones.

Water Filter Buying Guide

  • Cost

If you have a tight budget, then go for a carbon filter.

  • Filter Quality

If you want the best filter system for your family, we recommend selecting a reverse         osmosis system.

  • Better Taste

We highly advise that you choose a reverse osmosis water filter system. It will bring you   a better taste, and you will not smell any foul odor.

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