Why a drinking water filtration system is important.

Water plays a significant role in human lives. It has a natural capability to fight toxins inside the body. However, water should be clean because unclean water is dangerous to health. A possible solution to this and clean water is filtered water or purified water. A Big Berkey water filter offers it.  For more information on drinking water filtration, visit the official USA Berkey website

 A Big Berkey water filter is one of the most recommended filtered water. It got a 5-star review at their website and a 4.5-star rating at Amazon. Based on their website, their system is capable of removing more than 99.9% of unhealthy and poisonous substances as well as microorganisms. Substances and microorganisms include viruses, bacteria, fluoride, mercury, parasites, and other pharmaceutical chemicals.

 While the Berkey filtration system is removing many chemicals, it still ensures that it is safe to drink. The system does not remove the nutrients we can get from water. Instead, it maximizes water cleanliness.

 Why filtered water

 Before choosing a Berkey water filter, it is best to know why clean water is essential. People cannot just grab a glass and fill it with tap water. Underground water might have harmful chemicals that might cause water-related diseases such as diarrhea. If water has too many substances, especially poisonous chemicals, people might get more severe illnesses. Thus, filtered water or purified water is highly recommended by health practitioners.

 There are many ways on how to avail of such kind of water. People can buy mineral water in a market or order purified water from a company. However, these two choices are quite expensive. At this point, availing service from a Big Berkey water filter is worth considering.

 Pros of Berkey water filter 

 Aside from the system’s capability of removing 99.9% of unhealthy chemicals, there are other exciting offers available. According to their website, the system is capable of filtering water from any source. Those water sources include municipal water, water from streams, and water from remote lakes.  Moreover, the company claims that its system is superior to others.  Apart from the high-quality filtration of water, it is affordable and budget-friendly. You can have a gallon of water for only seven senses. But in one review, he revealed that it costs $15 upfront.

 The company also claims that the system is durable. The same review confirmed it. It stated that the Berkey water filter can stay longer as long as a user cleans it regularly.

 Another useful feature of Berkey water is its portability. It is best for people who love going on vacation. However, users shall make sure to secure it.

 The system can run even without electricity. Therefore, users can still have filtered water even through a natural disaster.

 Using the system will help users reduce waste. For those Berkey filter users, there is no need to buy bottled water. Thus, using the order is considered environmentally friendly.

 Cons of Berkey water filter

  There is no perfect filtration or purifying system. With that, some reviews outlined its cons.

 This has to be refilled.  Although the filter system works this way, the hustle goes to people who frequently forget to check the water system. It also costs high for the upfront fee. But in a positive view, spending $15 is worth it for its high-quality filtration.

 There are some complaints that big Berkey water filters change its water flow at some time. Yet, in one review, he stated a solution. The system has to be cleaned regularly. In that way, the water flow will stay at its average speed.

 The controversy

 There are some rumors that the Big Berkey water filter is a scam. Their competitors were saying that their materials are fake. They added that Birki’s claim of its high capability of removing harmful substances are not real. Moreover, the Berkey water filter is not available in California. But it has a different rule in allowing companies to offer such a service.

 It has been reported that it was a Berkey water filter that decided to stop the process of appealing in California. Nevertheless, users have individual complaints.

When compared to other filtration systems, a Berkey water filter is one of the cheapest in terms of cost. Many users are satisfied with their experience. However, some users reported that it becomes expensive if they need a specific replacement. From there, their opponents got more idea of throwing such speculation that Berkey water is a scam.

 Buy a Big Berkey Water Filter

We have done exploring the pros and cons of the Berkey water filter.  Speculation and controversies were also examined. The Berkey water filter offers different sizes. The question is, why choose a big one?

 Unlike the name suggests, a Big Berkey water filter is neither big nor small. It is the best choice for families having four to five members.

 This is capable of handling at least 3 gallons of water. So even a family with more than 5 members do not have to worry much about water shortage. The only downside that users might often experience is its need for frequent or regular maintenance. However, cleaning it is not time-consuming.

 Another best thing to consider is that this water filter system can easily be transferred from one location to another. This offers excellent convenience if one is traveling for a vacation. This is because aside from its portability, this is light to carry and not too big.


Humans cannot live without water. But the water they intake should be clean to have a healthy body. Sanitary water is achieved through the process of purification or filtration. Though people can be selective in choosing a water source, having a filtration system at home might be worth it.

 A Big Berkey water filter is one of the most recommended systems. Upon comparing its pros and cons, its prose weighs more. Despite its controversies, many users are still satisfied with their experiences. The reason for buying this is not it’s low cost. Its capability of removing most harmful substances and microorganisms are what makes it ranked high.

There are other alternatives for the Big Berkey water filter. However, it has been tested internationally. Moreover, it has a high rating not only at their website but also at Amazon.

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