Which Rhinoplasty Procedure Will Be The Best For You


Today, the cosmetic industry can offer several types of rhinoplasty surgeries, which are basically nose surgeries. Rhinoplasty can be a surgical or non-surgical procedure that can reshape a nose for aesthetic reasons, or they can correct some defects and injuries, improving the functionality of a nose.

Nose procedure will create a new shape to a patient’s nose, and the goal is to create the nose which will be in proportion to the face. When you decide to undergo rhinoplasty surgery, the surgeon will give a suggestion on which type of rhinoplasty you should undergo, and he will explain how that procedure looks like.

Closed rhinoplasty

This type of rhinoplasty is will not leave scars that will be visible, as the changes are done inside the nose. This means that the surgeon will make cuts in the nostril, and then, he or she will be able to access the bone structure. During this procedure, the surgeon has to be careful, as there are limits on how much skin and the nasal tip can be reshaped.

Open rhinoplasty

This procedure is more invasive than the closed rhinoplasty, but it gives many more options when it comes to reshaping the nose. The incision is made underneath the nose between the nostrils, so the surgeon can expose the cartilage and nasal bone for correction.

Open rhinoplasty can make these changes

This procedure can correct some of the nose deformations, such as deviated nasal septum or bridge, it will reshape the nasal tip, and shape down the bumps on the nose bridge. This is the most common approach when it comes to rhinoplasty for male Sydney with Dr Hodgkinson, as many men want to straighten their nose bridge.

Rhinoplasty revision

Nose surgery revision is sometimes required for people who already had some type of nose procedure, or they had some nose health issues, such as nose cancer. The procedure is done via the open or closed method, depending on what needs to be done. People who are unsatisfied with their previous rhinoplasty surgery, are the most common clients.

Asian rhinoplasty

As every nation has specific facial features, where the nose is playing a big part, a rhinoplasty procedure can be ethnically designed, so it can fit the person’s ethnic profile. With Asian rhinoplasty Sydney from Dr Hodgkinson you can achieve the nose that will be more suitable to your face profile. This means that the surgeon will shape the bridge and the tip of the nose to give more projection.

Custom Asian rhinoplasty

The procedure is usually done by the open technique, where the nasal tip will be corrected, so a boxy tip of the nose will have a more pyramidal shape.

Final word

The benefits of these surgical options are that each of them has improved a lot, so the surgeon can easily decide which approach to choose and to explain to the patient how the procedure will look like. Depending on the type of procedure, your recovery may last two or three weeks.


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