What to Do in a Hit-and-Run Accident

While you never hope it happens to you, being in a hit and run accident is always a chance each time you drive.

With this in mind, it is important you know what to do if in such a situation.

From making sure you are physically okay to trying to find out who hit you, there will be a lot in play.

So, how will you handle such an accident scenario?

Make Sure Your Health is Number One

In looking at the fallout from a hit and run you are in, keep these things in mind:

  1. Your health – Above all else, your health is what matters most when in such an accident. That being the case; do not assume you are fine after a hit and run. You could have injuries that do not show themselves at first. This is why it is important to get checked out by medical professionals. Even what seems like a minor accident could lead to injuries. This can be something such as a concussion or whiplash. Take the time either at the scene if medical pros arrive or by going to a medical facility to get checked out.
  2. Accident scene – Were you able to get a glimpse of the vehicle and driver who hit you? Such accidents can happen so fast that it can be hard to get much of a description. That said you want to try and remember as much as possible. Yes, chances are you’re startled and not always thinking straight with such a crash. The bottom line is doing all you can to hold the driver accountable for their actions against you at the scene. If there was a witness willing to come forward, by all means get their info. They could be the missing piece of the puzzle. There may also be video evidence of the scene. This can be quite beneficial to you and authorities.
  3. Your vehicle – It will be up to vehicle repair folks and your insurer to determine if the auto is worth repairing. It may not be as bad as you first thought. Then again, a serious hit and run can leave you with a vehicle damaged beyond repair. Be sure to get as much info as possible to your insurance company so they can proceed with an assessment.
  4. Moving forward – If you have to get your next vehicle because yours is beyond repair, shop wisely. It is important that you do some research. Your goal should be to locate the safest vehicle out there. Your recent accident should serve as a reminder how perilous things can be at times out there on the roads. As a result, you want something you feel safe in. Do some online research to see which makes and models come with the highest safety ratings. This should give you a little more peace of mind.

When you’ve been in a hit and run, do your best to learn from what can be quite a frightening situation.

Written by Clare Louise

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