What Is the Google 3 Pack?

In the world of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is very important. Just like other fields of digital marketing, SEO is changing rapidly. One of the biggest developments that have taken place over the last few years is the growth of something known as local SEO. This is SEO that has been designed to help local companies compete with several large companies that have more traffic. SEO is a series of processes. Sourced from search engines. Or commonly called, organic search results! How, by following the mechanism of the search engine algorithm system itself. The purpose of SEO is to place a website in the top position of the search page. And or, at least the first page of search results. For certain keywords. The targeted one. Logically, the web that occupies the top position in search results, has more opportunities for users to visit. With the increasing use of the internet in social life. In this case, everyone functions the internet to find their needs, whether in the form of information, services or products.

So automatically, the use of the internet network too, developed into business media. The need for SEO has also increased. The holy grail of local SEO is something called the Google 3 Pack, which an SEO reseller can help people land in.

What Is the Google 3 Pack?

The Google 3 Pack is a list of the top three results for local SEO searches. Some of the triggers that let the search engine know that it needs to conduct a local search include town names, street names, city names, and even searches that include “near me.” For these searches, Google will place the top three results at the top of the list. For example, if someone looked for “piano stores near me,” then the Google 3 Pack would include the top three piano stores that are near the IP address of the person who entered the search. At one point in the past, there were seven results included. Now, the number has been cut down to three, giving rise to the name “Google 3 Pack.”

Ranking for the Google 3 Pack

In order for companies to get listed in the Google 3 Pack, a few things need to happen. First, businesses need to make sure that their Google + page has been completely filled in with accurate information. Then, businesses need to make sure they have plenty of reviews on their Google + page. Finally, all of their listings in online directories must have the same name, address, and phone number. This will help businesses land in the Google 3 Pack.

Written by Paul Petersen

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