Water Filtration for A Cleaner and Safer Drinking Water

Water is undeniably a basic necessity in life. Cells (which are mostly water) compose the human body. Water makes up about 60% of the human weight and it continuously circulates to bring nourishment for the body to function properly. Without water, our bodies will wilt and die. Another proof that water is essential for major bodily functions is when you get thirsty. The body knows when it needs water – you get thirsty, and when you do you seek for water to quench that thirst. Water brings life. However, water can also bring sickness for it may contain substances harmful to the body. To protect yourself from these harmful substances, invest in a water filtration device.To learn more about water filtration, visit USA Berkey to learn more.

The drinking water used in the household is supposed to be clean and free from any substance that can harm the body. In fact, drinking water passes through stages of filtration from water treatment systems. However, water is treated with chlorine and other disinfectants which may be harmful to human health. Additionally, pipes are subject to corrosion and leakage. Leakage may become the gateway of bacteria and contaminants through the piping network – ending up in the many households. Again, water filtration is the answer to get rid of these contaminants.

Why use water filtration at home?

Water filtration filters out chlorine. Chlorine does a good job of killing bacteria in our drinking water. However, in the process of killing bacteria, chlorine produces harmful by-products called Trihalomethanes or THMs. THMs in drinking water produces free radicals which are known to be highly carcinogenic. Scientists link THMs to many harmful diseases like cancer, immune system problems, heart attacks, and reproductive ailments. Since chlorine is already in our drinking water, just let it do its job in disinfecting the water. Filter out the chlorine using a water filtration device and you have protected your body twice.

Water filtration prevents viruses from entering the body. It is unfortunate to know that the water supply in rural areas is less regulated. Water treatment systems need a lot of funding for their maintenance and improvement. Unfortunately, the allotted funds for water treatment systems are not enough. If the piping network is not maintained or improved, viruses and other contaminants will enter through broken pipes leading to our homes. It is best to be safeguarded against these harmful viruses by using a water filtration device.

Water filtration filters out the lead. Everyone might think that lead is already outlawed. This is probably true, however, old pipelines are made of lead pipes – and that makes a problem. As pipes get older, lead comes off and gets into the drinking water. Lead is linked to many health problems such as anemia, kidney problems, and brain damage. Lead is also known to damage the nervous system of a developing baby. In high doses, lead can cause death. Fortunately, every household doesn’t need to be threatened by this harmful lead. Just filter it out with a good water filtration system.

Water filtration removes excess fluoride. Fluoride is also known to be added in our drinking water to make it safe – but is it really safe? According to experts, fluoride is safe in small amounts. However, drinking water with a small amount of fluoride everyday isn’t that ideal. Fluoride is linked to various diseases like arthritis. Some researches even linked fluoride to cancer. This sounds scary but the good thing is that water filtration at home will help you remain safe.

Water filtration saves money. Americans are known to consume an average of $4 of bottled water a day – that is per person. In a year, thousands of dollars are spent (per household) on bottled water. Safety in drinking water doesn’t have to be this costly. A water filtration device is a good investment. It can be reused for many years and changing filters will not cost you thousands of dollars a year.

Water filtration helps the environment. As mentioned earlier, Americans consume a lot of bottled water every day. Imagine all the PET bottles we throw on a daily basis. How much space in the dumpsites will these plastic bottles take? Sadly, a lot of these bottles are found at sea polluting the waters and destroying marine life. How long can we clean out these plastics in the waters? We can help the environment by avoiding the use of bottled water. Drinking bottled water is not the only option. Water filtration at home is the better option. It is the more economical option and lastly, the more environment-friendly option.

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