Unfold the mysteries of the Eastern region of North India- North-East India Holiday packages

Are you planning to spend the best days of your life among the living beauties of India? Then get ready to explore the Eastern part of North India. You can never get over the list of adventures that North India can offer you. The hills, the rivers, and everything in the eastern part of North India is there to make you feel blessed to be a part of the land even for a few days. You can get to see a different collection of animals, endangered species, and everything that is real and beautiful. The most visited places in the eastern part of North India are Meghalaya, Gangtok, Sikkim, and Darjeeling. The North-East India tour packages will provide you the opportunity to select the best package as per your choices. You can never fail to get amazed by the beauty of each of these places. Every destination is stunning in its own way. The North-East India travel packages include all these marvelous places in the list.

Where heaven comes down to Earth- North East India Holiday packages

You can plan a memorable trip to the most beautiful part of North India with the North East holiday packages. You must appreciate the North East holiday package for family to visit the most loved destination with your family. To start with, you can choose Meghalaya. It is also renowned as the Scotland of the East due to its amazing greeneries and waterfalls. The Cherrrapunjee valley, Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak, and Nohkalikali falls are the most visited places in Meghalaya. You can also enjoy the serene view of the botanical gardens, museums, and lakes around Meghalaya. Then you can opt-in for Gangtok as a short drift. The majestic landscape at the height of 1750m is definitely breathtaking. Monasteries and beautiful stretches of Orchids entirely surround the land. You will enjoy the blues of the area the most and also the melting snows of the nearby mountains.

The next option in the top-rated list is surely Sikkim. Tourists from all over the globe have always loved this magical land. From ancient monasteries to thrilling sports, this place is infested with extreme entertainment and fun. The picturesque valleys, lush of greens, the beautiful sky, and above all, the charming people of Sikkim are something you will surely fall in love with. The breathtaking view of Tiger Hills will keep you allured. The temples, Buddhist monasteries are an additional benefit of visiting North East India. Plan the best trip ever with your family this year itself with the best choices of North East India Holiday packages.

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