Top Ideas for Cheerleading Fundraising

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Cheerleading fundraising is an annual activity that financially supports the needs of the cheering squad. Cheerleaders train for their stunts and graceful moves. Cheerleaders dedicate time to their daily practice. They travel for sports tournaments and compete with other cheer squads. Additionally, they need a handful of fancy cheerleader uniforms.

With all the cheerleader activities mentioned, there is no questioning that the cheerleading squad needs enough funds. The internet is full of fundraising ideas that can be facilitated to support the financial needs of the cheerleaders. The only thing that matters is to choose the best cheerleading fundraising ideas for your squad.

4 Best Ideas for Cheerleading Fundraising

The following cheerleading fundraising programs can help raise more than enough money. All are proven to give you profit, and your cheer group will not have to worry about finances anymore. Cheer up, and learn more about the x best cheer fundraisers for your group.

Get Sponsors for your Cheerleading Squad

The fastest way to raise money for your cheerleading fundraising is to get sponsors. How do you get sponsors for your cheer squad? The answer is, check the community for local businesses. Several approaches can be utilized to get your prospective sponsors to donate.

  • Prepare a cheerleading fundraising sponsor letter and ask for an outright donation.
  • Send your sponsors an email letter to support your cheerleading fundraising.
  • Offer your prospective sponsors to advertise their businesses on your cheerleading fundraising social media page or monthly newsletter.

The key here is to write a convincing letter that will make your sponsors say yes to your fundraiser. Regarding the advertising offer, try to make stunning fliers to give out to local businesses. Make sure you state your goal for the cheerleading fundraising. Utilize your cheerleading social media page by posting information about your fundraiser for cheer. By doing this, your fundraiser will reach a wider range of awareness.For help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.

Sell Wrapping Paper for Cheerleading Fundraising

Selling wrapping papers or gift wraps is a profitable venture. Many schools and cheer squads have done it, and so can you. The concept of gift wrap fundraiser is simple, and your cheer squad can do this fundraiser in two ways.

  1. Sell gift wraps and offer free gift wrapping services.

This kind of cheerleading fundraising may require a bit of work. The cheer squad needs a booth or any place to sell the gift wraps and do gift-wrapping service. This method requires volunteers for the gift-wrapping service.

  1. Sell gift wraps through a catalog or brochure.

This brochure type of fundraising is a bit simple. What you need is a handful of gift wraps to sell. There will be no gift-wrapping services involved, but you need a good brochure design. The brochure will do the selling, and the cheer squad only needs to distribute the brochures.

Snack for Cheerleading Fundraising

Selling snacks for cheerleading fundraising is proven to raise hundreds to a few thousands of dollars. It’s not difficult to sell snacks as they are inexpensive. People eat light snacks during a break from work or school recess. With this in mind, selling snacks to students and their parents will raise more than enough funds for the cheer squad.

Some snacks that you can sell are:

  • Chocolate covered almonds
  • Mixed nut
  • Chocolate pretzels
  • Trail mix
  • Cashew halves

Selling snacks can be done face to face or better yet via brochure ordering. The latter is the preferred fundraising method as it will save you time and effort. Get more ideas on snacks for cheerleading fundraising by searching the internet.

Cheerleading Fundraising with a Car Wash

Cheerleading fundraising with a car wash is another bright idea to raise funds for the cheer group. To start the fundraiser, you need to find a local car wash that would agree to share a certain percentage of income for your fundraiser. A good deal would be a twenty percent share.

Make a good pitch for your car wash fundraiser and organize a promotion campaign. The cheer group will promote the campaign via fliers, email lists, and social media platforms. This fundraiser will not just help raise funds for the cheer group but helps the car wash as well.

To get more attention from prospective customers, the cheer group may perform a short cheer on the first day of the fundraising campaign. They can perform right at the car wash storefront.

The car wash will get the chance to have new customers. If the customers are satisfied with their services, they will surely go back for repeat services. It’s a win-win deal for the cheer group and the car wash.

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