Top 10 amazing pool party ideas for Capricorn kids

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There are lots of pool party ideas for kids to make it fun filled and super excited. Young ones are always looking forward to events that are specially planned for them and they can do anything to attend that. They love playing games, chatting with friends, cutting jokes on each other, having delicious food and taking photos. Most of them are tech-savvy and have social media presence. So, they post photos and videos instantly to impress their friends. Such parties are a wonderful way for them to socialize and learn manners. As they grow, they become loving, caring, social and well-behaved. They learn how to talk, dress up and eat food in social gatherings. 

Young ones are sensitive and sharp. They keenly observe things around and emulate them. So, it’s good to give them nice environment where they can have fun with other kids of same age. It’s the best place to while away time and enjoy. 

As a kids’ party planner, you are not bound to follow a particular format. There are many options that allow you to be as much creative as you want to be. From siting area to food tables and entrance, it’s all about innovation and vibrant patterns. 

A few pool party ideas for kids are given here:

  1. Innovative invitations

Why stick to traditional paper cards and envelopes to invite kids. Let’s be more creative and fascinating here. Paste printed invites on inflated balls. Make various patterns of ice pops, fancy dresses and flowers to print captions on. Break the rule of simple cards and get interesting objects where you write invitations and send to all guests a week earlier, so they can manage to attend. Another idea is to have mugs printed with the invitation but it can be a bit expensive. 

  1. Balloon strings

Get balloons of all colors and set them above the pool in semi-circle form as a canopy. There can be two or more strings as you like. Choose vibrant colors in balloons to make the place attractive. Kids love balloons on all occasions, so go ahead and make them happy. 

  1. Floating toys

Set inflated toys in the pool to let them float above the water level. They look truly attractive and are visible from a long distance. Choose huge size to make them attention-grabbing. Butterflies, crocodiles, birds, lady bug and many animals are available. Be careful not to have too many of them to have some space for swimming. They can be set on the edges of the pool to free the center area. These are awesome pool party ideas for kids. 


  1. Fast food

Pool party ideas are incomplete without delicious pizza slices, mini chicken burgers, egg sandwiches and juicy steaks. Serve them in a style to attract the guests. Add garnish to make them colorful. Take care of the taste as well. Young ones love French fries too, so have lots of them prepared in advance. Make them crispy and not too spicy. 

  1. Fruit pops

Instead of having too much junk food, why not serve food in a unique presentation. Cut watermelon, apples and guava into wedges. Insert ice cream sticks in the lower edge where skin is intact. It will come into a shape of ice pop. Kids will enjoy the taste, appearance and nourishment of healthy foods. It’s a trick to make them eat fruits. 

  1. Bar be cue meat

It’s time for smoked turkey, roasted beef kebabs, boneless chicken and veggies. Serve them hot with bar be cue sauce. Keep spices normal because spicy food is not liked by kids. These low fat, high protein foods are attractive and toothsome. Yogurt and mint sauce is another accompaniment to serve with meat. 

  1. Ice cream shapes

Put ice cream in different shape molds to make fascinating patterns. Flowers, panda, butterfly, birds and ship are some of the popular patterns kids like. You can buy ice cream bars to make ships. Put a few square-shaped cookies over them. Toppings are equally important to enhance the taste and appearance. Chocolate syrup, canned fruits, jelly beans and wafers are often served with ice cream. 

  1. Rainbow cup cakes

Instead of making plain vanilla cupcakes, add food color in the mixture before baking. It will make them attractive and tempting. Use different colors to add variety. 


Pool party ideas for kids are all about games and fun. Bigger splash contest, treasure hunt, beach ball pass, flip flop, limbo, art contest and water activities are cool to make them enjoy thoroughly. 

10.Entertaining objects

Water slid, swim up movie theater, bounce house, photo booth with big sun glasses, lifeguard whistle and hat are some great additions to pool party. 

With these innovative ideas, pool party can be more excited and enjoyable. 


Written by Paul Petersen

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