The Right Values for The Anxiety Treatments

Feeling a little nervous before an exam or a dance competition, for example, is normal. But if you are one of those people who are obsessed with doing everything and are terrified of the fear of failure, then you are the victim of performance anxiety. Here are the details that you will have to look into:


Talking about your anxieties to your friends or family can give you a much needed rest for the little hamster that is pedaling on the spot in your head. Do you feel like you’re not up to the task if you have lower grades? Do not hesitate to let them know what you are going through. Maybe they ignore all the discomfort that gnaws at you? Getting outside opinion and advice from others helps to take a step back and defuse a stressful situation. You can go for anxiety counseling near me there.

Burn Your Stress

A good way to get out of your head is to move your body. The important thing is not to be the best at what you do, but to have fun . Dance, run, pedal, ski, skate, climb, etc., as long as it makes you sweat and forget your worries for a moment! In addition to bringing balance to your life, the energy expenditure brought about by physical activity allows better concentration. Keep a moment in your schedule each day to release stress.

Give Yourself A Break

If the pressure you are putting on your shoulders is just your own, take a moment to assess it by asking yourself questions: Why is it so important to me to be successful? How will I feel if I fail? Who am I afraid to disappoint? Then try to see what you would advise a friend who has the same doubts as you. We are sometimes more critical of ourselves than we would be with anyone else. To gain confidence, we tell ourselves that no one is perfect and that the important thing is to do the best we can. Even top professional athletes have their ups and downs; good days as well as not so good.

Face Failure

If one of your fears is to fail or not to make it, there is nothing like facing the beast to realize that, deep down, failing is part of life too. If you have to, visualize the worst-case scenario, the one that you don’t dare imagine so much it terrifies you. Once that’s done, defuse your disaster scenario by finding solutions that make you feel good and reminding you of your previous strengths and successes.


When you feel overwhelmed by a flood of emotions, stop for a few minutes to catch your breath. Take several deep breaths and breathe out slowly, closing your eyes. Repeat this until you feel calmer or your heartbeat has returned to a normal rhythm. You can also opt for a relaxation technique such as meditation or yoga to find yourzen. You can have the best choices there only.

Written by Thomas Page

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