The Mechanism behind the CC-Link IE TSN


CC- link IE TSN is nothing but the combination of gigabyte Ethernet bandwidth and TSN or rather Time Sensitive Networking. For the first time in history these two, you are mixed and the result is known as CC-link IE TSN. 

To make the factory smarter time-sensitive networking has been added to the CC-link IE and that’s why it offers open nice and also strengthens further functionalities. For Motion Control in the factories to real-time information from the production department, everything comes under the reign of CC-Link IE TSN.

The latest version or the TSN added version is the result of the fruitful benefits of CC-link IE. Communication functions and sync accuracy has touched the sky interns of success. That’s why the demand for Time-Sensitive Networking grew with time. 

It is not impossible to mic two different networks on the same line to provide the best real-time medium of communication through the process or time sync. That’s is why the capabilities of Motion Control have been improvised significantly. 

At the site of the production secure and smart connection is the basic need of all. And CC-link IE TSN makes sure that the connection from the upper-level Information Technology systems to the OT system remains smooth and seamless.  Here different kinds of applications are used to achieve this perfection.

Technology behind CC-Link

  • TSN Technology is located in the second layer. From layers 3-7 of the OSI reference model is generally used by the latest CC-link IE TSN protocol.
  • CC-link IE TSN is different from the conventional CC-link IE. The old one uses a token passing method. But the modified version used time sync through the whole network. Somehow it reduces the network cyclic data update period time. That is also one extra benefit which self gets counted.
  • The support for the CAN open device profile is now history because CC-link IE TSN uses the CSP+.
  • To diagnose the faults and also to network equipment, the most commonly used Information Technology tools like SNMP or rather a Simple Network Management Protocol is supported by the CC-link IE TSN.
  • It will not be unfair if you define the structure and the statistical information of CC-link IE TSN as the Extended Management Information Base. The support for the networks which is used for general purpose is also pretty amazing.

Now you have understood the working system of the TSN. It will easier for you to choose the one which meets your requirements for the work.

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