The Importance of Having a Backup Key for Your Self-Storage Unit

Clare Louise

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You pay money to a self-storage facility to assist in keeping your precious items safe and secure. However, as a renter, you also play a role in maintaining a safe environment by utilizing a good quality lock to keep unwanted prying hands out of your unit.

While one key will get you in, there are many reasons to have a backup secondary key to your self-storage facility.

You Could Likely Will Lose Your Self-Storage Key

Let us be real here, keys are small and get lost rather easily. Even if they are kept on your everyday keychain, what happens if those get lost or stolen?

Of course, keeping the key tucked away somewhere safely at home is wise, but in cases of long-term storage, it’s likely that sacred spot will be long forgotten.

Keys Eventually Break

Keys can become stuck in locks and require a bit of prying to get them out of the socket that can result in damage, rendering the first key useless.

Hence, the backup comes to the rescue. In other cases—particularly when one carries the keys daily on their ring—they can get broken in a mishap, because they aren’t indestructible.

Alternative Storage Locks to Consider

Of course, keyless locks are all the rage today, but in the realm of storage the options that can be utilized are somewhat limited.

Beyond the standard padlock and key models, there are keyless locks such as combination padlocks and keyless coded entry styles that are functional. In certain situations, the self-storage facility may use a keyless card entry system, so they’ll always have backups available but likely at an additional fee.

In essence, if you want to ensure that you have access to your self-storage unit conveniently in just about any key-loss or breakage situation, spend a couple of bucks and have a spare handy.

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