Take a Yoga Class Online From Glo and Get Access to Many Instructors


Taking a yoga class online can make life easier for you. It can save you time, and Glo can help you build a customized workout plan. Glo is a company that offers yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes online. They believe in treating the mind and body together. Through their site, you can take classes on your schedule, which means if you go to the gym early in the morning, you could sleep for a few more minutes and still fit in a yoga class. Glo’s videos are downloadable. Take them with you on business trips, to the beach, or on vacation. The people at Glo feel that you should get quality exercise whether or not you have an internet connection. The yoga instructors cover all levels and a variety of techniques.

Sara Clark

Ms. Clark created over 40 yoga-based productions for you to work through via Glo. She is a certified instructor, and when not teaching, you can find her writing for yoga publications around the world. One of her specialties is vinyasa moves. Sara will have you flowing through poses as she cues you on in-and-out breathing. The breathwork is part of vinyasa and helps the mind and body peacefully merge into a power source. Taking this form of yoga class online lets you practice the process until you become a master.

Taylor Harkness

Mr. Harkness has almost 100 classes on Glo. Besides being a yoga instructor, he works on an ambulance crew. He understands that a healthy body comes from balanced nutrition, a bright outlook, and a touch of fun. His style is infectious, lively, and caring. You can feel his warmth, and you get to know that he has deep knowledge of the human body. In one of his vinyasa-based videos, he walks you through power stretching. If you have to sit at a desk all day, it is welcome relief to move your legs, flex your spine, and lower your shoulders. He speaks to you as if you were a close friend while weaving in the cues to move. You will not get lost, but the beauty of taking a yoga class online is that if you do fall behind you can simply pause and replay.

Kia Miller

Kia is responsible for some of the hatha yoga videos. Hatha means power or force. It is the act of using energy inside the body to create change. Kia has been a yoga practitioner for over 20 years, and if you are looking for a kundalini yoga class online, look to Ms. Miller and Glo. She has a series of detoxifying videos. The first program will clear the body. She uses the breath and kundalini movements to free bound up energy. The second in the series releases emotional blockages, and the third video is all about enlivening the brain. With this one, the moves are quickened, which will get the blood and spine fluid moving.


Glo is committed to teaching quality mind-body exercises through their meditation app. They have many more qualified instructors on their site. Each student has choices and can grow with the program. Glo offers a free trial period too.

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