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This activity obviously encouraged us to take an interest in sports betting for a long time, which we have practiced personally (in a reasoned and reasonable manner) for years, which has allowed us to develop this book of advice in sports betting thanks to the fruits of our research and our long experience.

If you have taken care to read us so far, we would first like to thank you, and we now invite you to go to the next page (this does not commit you to anything at this stage), which will allow you to learn even more about the course “Sports betting: the big scam”, where you can read the first pages for free.

USA is a country that allows sports betting to individuals. However, regulations exist at the level of operators authorized to offer games of chance. If you want to set up a shop specializing in sports betting or even an online bookie, you will need a government-issued license. At present, only the American Games and Sports (MDJS) are approved to offer sports betting in USA. You can go for more details there now.

Many American players therefore head to the MDJS to bet, even if the betting offer and the odds offered are very low.

Sport betting

For your sports bet, favor the odds of online bookmakers

Because of the lack of diversity in the betting offer and the loss of potential winnings, some American players turn to sites hosted abroad to make their sports bet. We strongly encourage this practice since American law fully authorizes players to register and use these online bookmakers.

By making this decision, you can take advantage of the best odds on the market, and any good bettor knows the difference it can make at the end of the year. On average, the Player Return Rate (TRJ) of the MDJS is 86.4%. This means that they will keep 13.4% of all bets made. This bad TRJ is actually translated into ratings that sometimes border on the ridiculous. It is not uncommon to see a difference in odds of 0.10 or even 0.20 on the same bet between the MDJS and a foreign bookie. If you are a fan of combined betting, these small differences multiply to make a big margin at the end.

Why continue playing in one place when a multitude of quality bookmakers awaits you while offering you more winning opportunities?

What are the advantages of sports betting sites compared to the MDJS?

The advantages of online bookmakers against the American Games and Sports are quite numerous and we decided to present them all to you so that you would realize the potential of these sports betting sites.

Sports offered

Sports betting wins

In addition to offering very low odds, the MDJS does not improve its case and only offers betting possibilities on 7 sports (football, basketball, tennis, and handball). Compared with online bookmakers who generally have 30 to 60 sports on their platforms, the picture is very meager.

Written by Wanda Meyer

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