Signs You Could Benefit from One of the Alcohol Detox Programs in Your Area

Alcohol isn’t always looked as a villain when you consider how widely used this substance is at parties and other social events. Nobody bats an eye when a person indulges in a few drinks after work each night. However, this substance can take a toll on many people’s lives, as a few drinks turn into an alcohol problem, infused with both or either physical and mental effects. By knowing the signs, you can find one of the alcohol detox programs in your area to help combat this problem.

  1. Blackouts

If you’re drinking until you have blackouts or experience temporary memory loss, you’re overindulging in alcohol. If this is a frequent occurrence in your life, you may be suffering from a substance abuse problem. These blackouts can affect your life in a number of ways, and without the appropriate treatment from one of the alcohol detox programs near you, these alcohol effects will continue and even increase in severity and frequency.

  1. Frequent Bouts of Irritability and Mood Swings 

Alcohol may initially stimulate the part of your brain that enhances your happiness. However, these effects are short term. Alcohol is a depressant and will eventually cause you to feel depressed or angry once you drink so much. Once you stop drinking, you may experience a hangover due to the dehydration alcohol stimulates. Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle that alters your mood in the process.

  1. Distant from Those You Care About 

Some individuals may drink occasionally without it interfering with their personal lives. However, if you suffer from an alcohol abuse problem, you may start to distance yourself from your friends and family because alcohol takes precedence in your life. You’re not only harming the ones you care about in the process, but the alcohol can damage the bond you have between these individuals in the long run.

  1. Drinking Alone or Secretly 

Sometimes, an individual with an alcohol problem tries to hide it from those they care about by drinking alone or in secret. Often, this is a sign of an alcohol abuse problem that you could use one of the alcohol detox programs in your area to help combat the problem.

  1. Loss of Interest in Your Hobbies 

In some cases, a person with an alcohol problem would rather drink than partake in the activities he or she once enjoyed. If you find yourself drinking rather than going to visit friends or enjoying the activities you once loved, you may have an alcohol abuse problem.

  1. Neglecting Your Responsibilities

Do you show up late for work frequently or call off regularly because you’re too hungover to function the next day after you drink? Have you ever called off work to drink? If you’re neglecting your responsibilities because of alcohol use, you may benefit from searching for an alcohol detox program near you.

Alcohol can disrupt a person’s life. The person isn’t always aware of the damage it’s doing when he or she is living on the inside of the problem. It’s important to take a step back and evaluate if your alcohol usage has become an issue that could warrant an alcohol detox program.


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Written by April Wilcox

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