Signs That You May Need to Drink More Water and the Use of Big Berkey Water Filter

Some people easily recognize that they’re thirsty, and they have to drink a glass of water right away. However, others barely notice the need to drink water. Before they know it, the day has already ended, and they are yet to drink enough water. There are signs that you need to drink more water, and you have to recognize them right away. It also helps if you use the Big Berkey water filter to guarantee that you have safe drinking water.  For more information on the Big Berkey water filter, check out the USA Berkey website today!

You have severe headaches

Headaches exist due to several reasons. One of them is dehydration. When you start feeling a throbbing pain in your head, it’s a way of telling you that you need water. When you’re dehydrated, it could lead to a lack of oxygen in your brain. It also causes inflammation and discomfort. If you’re uncertain about the reason why you feel that way, you have to drink a glass of water. See if it works before you decide to take medicines and see a doctor.

Muscle cramps and pain in the joints

When there’s less water in your body, it decreases the muscle mass and leads to soreness and inflammation. It’s also the same with joints. They require water in absorbing shock as a result of sudden movements like running and jumping. Uncontrolled movements like tripping could also have an adverse effect on your joints. You can lessen the pain if you regularly drink water. You need it to ensure the normal function of these parts.

You’re gaining weight

If you already tried different weight-loss fads, but you still couldn’t achieve your goal, it could be due to the lack of water in your body. The problem is that due to the short supply of water, your metabolism slows down. It prevents your body from burning fat. Therefore, it helps if you drink water regularly to aid your metabolism. However, you have to be careful not to go beyond what you need or you will look bloated.

You lack energy

If you’re doing physical activities, you probably realize that you have to drink a lot of water. The problem is when you don’t like doing physical activities because you don’t feel energized. You think about several reasons why you feel that way when in fact, you only need to drink water. The body stores energy when you’re dehydrated. It saves up that energy. Lack of water also decreases blood circulation in your body. As a result, your energy is reduced, and you’re not as productive as you hope you would be.

You feel disoriented

When you’re too dehydrated, you will feel a bit confused and dizzy. Your body needs to refuel for it to keep going. Otherwise, you will suddenly crash in the middle of a busy day. You will also commit unforced mistakes. As soon as you start feeling disoriented, you need to sit and drink water.

You have dry mouth and skin

Having dry mouth and skin means that your body has lost too much water and you’re dehydrated. It could be due to the scorching heat. It could also be a result of your body not having enough water. The lack of moisture leads to dryness, and you have to drink water to moisten these parts again.

You eat plenty of salty foods

When you crave for salt, it means that your body is missing sodium, but the good kind. It’s crucial in controlling electrolytes in your body. When you’re dehydrated, your body starts to crave salty snacks. The problem is that they serve no purpose and have no nutritional value. You can consider having a glass of water instead. If you couldn’t resist opening a bag of chips, you have to limit your intake.

Your urine is too dark

You have to observe your urine when heading into the toilet. If it’s too dark, your body is deprived of water. The waste stuck inside your body is harder to flush out. It’s worsened when you take medicines and junk foods. To cleanse your body, you need to drink more water. It will lead to a lighter urine shade, which signals that you have sufficient water.

You’re not sweating enough

You sweat when it’s too hot or you’re involved in physical activity. When you work out, it’s common for you to sweat. Sweat plays a crucial role as it regulates your body temperature. If you don’t drink sufficient water, you won’t sweat enough. Maintaining your body temperature would be more difficult, and it could lead to heatstroke.

Final thoughts

You don’t want to feel uncomfortable and suffer these symptoms because you don’t drink enough water. Make sure you remind yourself to drink more water, whether you’re busy doing exhausting activities or not. To avoid forgetting that you need more water, these tips might help.

  • Bring a bottle of water so you can drink any time you need it. You can also use one that keeps the water temperature even if you don’t drink the water right away. It also stops you from being tempted to order unhealthy drinks when you’re eating outside. You don’t need to buy bottled water since you already have filtered water with you. It prevents you from spending a lot on clean drinking water.
  • Use an app that reminds you if it’s time to drink water. Regardless of what you’re doing, you need to stop and drink water.
  • Observe the changes in your body. If you see any of these symptoms, you have to stop and drink water. Hopefully, you feel better. Otherwise, it might be time to consult with a health expert.
  • Set a goal regarding the number of glasses you have to drink per day. Some people will tell you that you need eight glasses, but there’s no conclusive evidence that confirms this idea. Not all bodies are the same. You need to understand the requirements of your body, and drink water based on your needs.

Written by Paul Petersen

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