There is a growing trend across the health sector wherein more and more healthcare providers are hiring security personnel for the safety of their staff and assets. Higher levels of security have become a necessity in the current climate. There are criminal elements that need to be deterred within our community. More needs to be done by the healthcare sector to protect not only the assets, but also patients and staff. Lack of funding for private medical facilities and NHS has resulted in a rise in assault cases every year. Hence, it is crucial for the health sector to invest in security measures. Being proactive is better than being reactive. It also helps put less pressure on the budget which allows healthcare providers to focus on their work.

The National Association for Healthcare Security (NAHS) is dedicated to the security of the healthcare sector in the UK. It was founded in 1994 as an NGO. It works to provide professional and robust services to all of its members. However, the recent coronavirus has resulted in a greater need for security to ensure the ongoing health and safety of all the stakeholders. According to a statement made by the NHS, it was observed that about 15% of its employees had experienced some form of violence from the public, patents, and their relatives.

Why Security Is Needed in The Health Sector?

There are two reasons why security is required in the health sector. The first is that everyday general security has to be maintained in order to act as a deterrent against those that have a malicious intention to steal physical assets. Moreover, vandalism is also an issue which can only be prevented through security. The other reason concerns the mental and physical safety of staff and everyone involved. As verbal abuse and physical assaults are rising at an alarming rate, there is a greater need for professional security.

Asset Protection

Bristol Security companies helps protect the assets of the health sector. From petty vandalism to theft, asset protection is crucial as a failure to protect assets would result in high replacement costs. Security expenditure tends to be a fraction of criminal damage. Thus, there is a higher demand for Bristol Security Companies. Choose a reliable Security company in Bristol that specializes in asset protection from spot checks to foot patrols and dog handling. It will help ensure that the assets are protected at all times.

Personal Safety and Health

The physical wellbeing of the staff and patients in the health sector is vital. The NHS has revealed that violent attack has become more common than ever before and it has resulted in a greater need for hiring security personnel. There are many Security companies Bristol that only cater to the needs of the health sector. Since paramedics, mental health staff, and nurses are most likely to get assaulted, hospitals are investing heavily in security.


The health sector requires security, especially in times like these when the coronavirus has left the world paralyzed. As more people flock to hospitals and clinics, greater security is needed.

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