Responsibilities of HR department: know about it!

The Human Resources area, or HR, as the sector responsible for managing people is known, is a set of techniques and practices carried out by professionals who work with the purpose of managing internal behaviour and enhancing human capital.

Nowadays, the Human Resources, or HR, area of ​​companies increasingly understands that human talent is capable of building or toppling an organization. With this vision, they invest in the well-being of employees to obtain more productivity from them and, with that, more profitability.

The human resources department goes beyond hiring.  The area is responsible for improvements within the company both for employees and the public.

What is HR?

Human resources are all people who are part of the organization, performing their tasks in a way that brings the expected profit. The areas of expertise in HR are linked to the construction of the relationship between the company and employees, carrying out the management of professionals – far beyond hiring, valuing the implementation of corporate environments favourable to creation and productivity, and creating initiatives to value, motivate and retain the company’s talents.

Strategic HR- Through strategic HR sector, the profiles that are most compatible with the company’s culture are hired, talents are closely monitored by the application of performance evaluations, professional development, and valuing the work environment are priorities, as well as employee motivation and engagement.

Another important change in the human resources sector is the digitization of processes. In this way, people management is able to fully focus on strategic decision making within the organization and, consequently, on the efficiency of delivering results.

Human resources application

The professionals responsible for the HR sector should focus on creating policies of coexistence between employees and superiors, transforming the work environment into a pleasant place for everyone, cherishing effective internal communication, and creating initiatives to value employees, working so that they are always engaged and motivated.

Maintenance of human resources

With efficient hiring, the biggest challenge for HR is to maintain this talent. Even with the country’s economic crisis, there are attractive job offers, and the best professionals will always be under the eyes of head-hunters, so the task of managing people is not simple – retaining the best talent and keeping them engaged and motivated requires a lot of dedication, and monitoring the professional’s trajectory within the company.

Therefore, Being Human Resources is, above all, exercising empathy with emotional intelligence and a lot of passion for the profession, Feelings that no artificial intelligence can reproduce.

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