Perfection for the Green Exam: What to Know

We will understand here how LEED certification is important to attest an industry’s commitment to sustainability. Certification is already the biggest sustainability reference in the civil construction sector . In addition to ensuring that the company is sustainable, numerous benefits and gains are obtained by adopting environmentally correct practices and concepts.

The Value of Sustainability – Including Financial

Sustainability is a fundamental factor for the competitiveness and image of industries. Companies that adopt sustainable practices and are proven to be concerned with having a good relationship with the environment are more valued and well regarded by consumers. The information for Green Exam follow these matters now.

In addition to environmental aspects, a sustainable industry is ahead of its competitors in terms of competitiveness and efficiency. Sustainability is important not only because of its environmental and social significance. Nowadays, the good practices to be a sustainable company have a direct impact on the quality of work, services and products, and on the competitiveness of the industry.

Stock exchanges around the world already measure and qualify companies for their degree of environmental maturity. The ISE Corporate Sustainability Index is used by investors to evaluate publicly traded companies. These investors know that a sustainable industry has a culture of efficiency and better use of its resources.

There are several tools to certify the quality of companies in the environmental area. ISO 14001, for environmental systems management, is the best known in the industry. In addition to it, there is also LEED certification, used to certify buildings that are environmentally friendly and committed to sustainable practices.

With the growing importance of sustainability and its dissemination in the industrial and business environment, these certifications have gained weight and are decisive factors when it comes to disputing contracts and customers. In the civil construction sector, LEED certification is the main benchmark for environmental maturity and sustainability. Let’s get to know better how it works. These information for the Green Associate Exam  comes essential also.

What is LEED certification?

LEED Certification is the main sustainable construction certificate in Brazil . The name is an abbreviation for Leadership in E nergy and E nvironmental Design (Leadership in environmental and energy design). It is a seal that certifies that a building adopts good sustainability practices.

The USGBC, the acronym for US Green Building Council , developed the original certification in 2000. In Brazil, it was in 2007 that its use began to spread, until it became the seal of buildings most relevant sustainable products across the country.

LEED is aimed at the civil construction sector and is used in more than 160 countries. In Brazil, the institution responsible for certification is GBC-USA – Council for Sustainable Construction in Brazil . It is the body responsible for evaluating and issuing LEED certifications for projects that are in accordance with the sustainability principles of contemporary civil construction.

How does LEED certification work?

LEED certified buildings are those that have been assessed by GBC-USA to assess compliance with minimum sustainability criteria. The certification process works as follows:

First, the company must choose the type of enterprise.

There are four options:

  • BD + C – New buildings;
  • ID + C – Interior design;
  • + M – Existing buildings;
  • ND – Neighborhoods.

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