Notes On manufactured homes floorplans

Thomas Page

Very few people know what a manufactured home is. Well a manufactured home is a home that is pre-built in a factory. The manufactured home begins with a floorplan. A floorplan is a drawing of where everything is and is to be built in the home. The drawing plans where the kitchen, den, dining room, Bedrooms and bathrooms etc. will be in the home.

Once the notes on the manufactured homes floor plan is drawn, the drawing is handed over to the architect. The architect turns the drawing into specifics in the home. The specifics are the dimensions and placement of everything in the home right down to the light switches and plumbing. The architect may need to consult with the buyers in some cases. Sometimes the buyers want a home designed with special features or requests. Therefore, the architect will include the clients wishes into the blueprint.

Next the architect will hand the blueprints floor plan over to the construction supervisor and building crews. The manufactured home can now be built. The factory runs somewhat like an assembly line. One crew will begin building the floor on top of the metal frame or chassis. The chassis has wheels on it so the home can be transported to the buyers’ site.

Once the floor is in place the plumbing and fixtures will be connected in their proper places. Then the walls and the insulation can be built in and made ready for the electricity to be installed. The electric is installed by a licensed electrician. Wires are running inside the walls and fitted through the walls with holes drilled in the boards. Boxes, plugs and switches are all run into their proper places and finished.

The next part of the floorplans assembly is the finished wall coverings. Wall coverings can be sheetrock, or it can be paneling, it can also be a textured Wall boarding. The wall covering depends on what the company uses or what the client’s wishes are.

Once the walls are completed the roof floor plan is the next and final part of the building process. Most manufactured homes use shingles or metal roofing as they both tend to last a long time. Again, this also depends upon the client’s wishes and designs.

Manufactured homes come in many kinds of floor plans. Some of the floor plans are simple such as the single wide homes. A 14 X 83 manufactured home is the typical standard three bedroom for a modest family. However, the buyers can choose single, double, or even triple wide manufactured homes. These are more indepth homes. A triple wide manufactured home costs more and is extremely nice inside.

Triple wide floor plan home usually has a living room, a den or family room, it comes with a fireplace, large kitchens with all new energy efficient appliances. A triple wide home will also have a dining area, a parent’s retreat, two full bathrooms, as well as a master bathroom. It will have 4 bedrooms, a master bedroom and a separate laundry area or room too.

After the home is built then it is ready to be delivered to the buyers designated spot to be set up. Now a single wide home can be set up in a day. On the other hand, the sections of a triple wide home must be parked as close together as possible. Then the home is pulled together using a ratcheting slide to pull the sections together and bolt the sections together. Once the home is securely together it is also tied down to the ground with durable metal straps to insure the home does not move in winds or storms.

If, however, you are not looking to buy a manufactured home you may need a 4 bedroom manufactured home for rent. You may easily find an older 4 bedroom manufactured homes for rent already set up for you ready to live in.

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