Must-have studio recording gear 

Home Recording Studio Setup (8 Essentials You NEED)

Following is a list of requirements that is essential in a recording studio. A preliminary guide is sure to assuage the anxiety for promising new music artists.

First of all, you will need a computer. This is by far the most important and quite possibly, the priciest piece of gadget. It’s crucial that you choose one with good speed. We live in the digital age where practically everyone owns a computer so it’s critical that you purchase a computer with advanced features that can be employed in the job. Don’t fret over the budget. Work with what you have for the time being and improvise as you go. In the olden days, recording was a time-consuming affair but today, with technology at our fingertips, nothing seems impossible. 

All credit goes to computers. You can even opt for a laptop if you want to do away with wires. The computer is the heart of all the operations. Additionally, it should be able to handle the overload of processing and other functions like digital audio workstation. It’s a software program that is used for the recording, mixing, and editing of music. 

Secondly, there is an audio interface. As the name implies, it’s a device that is used for recording audio. It can be connected to the computer through USB or Firewire. As a matter of fact, audio interface is an integral part of all computers. It is used for listening to music or watching movies but not exactly ideal for recording. This is why you must have an external audio interface that is compatible with your PC system and exclusively engineered for your studio.  

A microphone is another important piece of gadget. They’ve been around for a long time now. There are several varieties of microphones in the market that is used to cater to the quality of sound, versatility of instruments and background situations. 

Speakers or monitors is another essential set of equipment. Unlike home speakers that are meant to emphasize certain frequencies, studio monitors deliver a flat frequency. It’s advisable to not cut down on expenses when it comes to speakers. Investing in a good quality pair of speakers that is solely meant for studio rehearsals will ensure that the music sounds good in any system. 

If setting up a home studio is bothersome, you can always opt for a professional setting like Songmill music recording studio that provides a horde of services like songwriting, music mixing, vocal recording, and demos. 


Written by April Wilcox

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