Matthew Davies Stockton Discusses Mistakes That Drive Customers Away from Your Website


A quality website design is crucial in determining whether or not your website ends up welcoming visitors or driving them away. It’s not something that you do once and leave it as it is. Website designing is a dynamic system requiring minor tweaks from time to time in order to keep it up to date and address certain issues that could accumulate over time. These issues can affect your customer retention and drive visitors away. Let’s take a look at a few such design flaws as described by Matthew Davies Stockton so that you don’t make the same mistakes as many website owners.

The Mistakes

  1. Outdated Designs- Remember the websites from the late 90s? The ones that we see today are nowhere near those designs. Modern websites are not only better looking but are also more optimized and dynamic. Some blogs even let you select from multiple fonts and viewing modes for a better reading experience. eCommerce websites apply a bunch of new features to provide a more fulfilling buying experience to their customers. Visitors usually ignore websites that are not optimized for mobile, have longer loading times, and other problems that interfere with their browsing experience.
  2. Navigation- A website is not a treasure hunt. An average human has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. They instantly skip hard to navigate confusing websites as there are numerous options available on the internet. Don’t provide too many options and always start from the bare minimum. A minimalistic design is often the best choice. Choose something basic and work your way up into more feature-rich options.
  3. Not mobile-friendly- The majority of users visit the internet from their mobile phones. It also plays a major role in SEO, where unoptimized sites are ranked lower than optimized ones. If your website is not optimized for mobile, then writings, images, and videos will appear out of alignment. To retain viewership across all devices it is imperative that you optimize your website.
  4. Grammar errors- Grammar errors instantly drive away incoming traffic from your site. Would you trust a website with blatant spelling errors? Most obviously not. Proper spelling is a sign of premium websites and visitors are more likely to spend more time on such websites.
  5. Pop-ups and ads- Be wary of the kind of ads you display on your site. Content that visitors find displeasing will automatically deter them away. Although pop-ups are a nice way to build a subscriber list, putting them up just when someone enters your website can lead to a disturbing experience. Instead, display them once the reader is midway through your content. Most top websites usually follow this policy.
  6. Content quality- The kind of content you display on your website plays a crucial role in customer retention. You’ll mostly have a high bounce rate if your audience doesn’t find the content useful and informative.


These are just a few of the many reasons why Matthew Davies Stockton thinks visitors can leave your website. Other reasons include unclear home pages, no social media links, CTA, etc. The list provides a bird’s eye view of the major problems and should help you decide which parts of the website needs the most work. Reviews Discusses How to Tempt Visitors to Subscribe to Your Website

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