Mark Roemer Provides You with Reasons You Should Have A Personalized Domain Name


If you haven’t googled yourself before, now is a good time. You may be surprised that your name, social media platforms, or anything relevant to you doesn’t come up on the first page despite you holding an influential position in your industry. According to Mark Roemer, with a personal domain name, you would be able to have more command over your online presence. Here are a few good reasons to secure your own personal domain name:

The Reasons

  1. You control your online image – A personal domain name is the first step to controlling your online presence. You don’t want random things or especially social media photos coming up on the searches when you Google yourself. With a personal domain name, you would dictate your personal brand on the search engine. First impressions are very valuable, and you want potential clients to see the best version of you. When they search for your name and click on your website, they see all your accomplishments, positive reviews, or anything else you want to show. 
  2. It is a powerful online resume – If you are freelancing, you can’t compromise on your personal domain name. However, even if you work a regular job with fixed timings, a personal domain name can work as a powerful online resume for you. Most of us have ditched the paper and moved on to digital resumes with attractive graphics. A personal domain name is much more convenient and can be updated effortlessly. You can keep it up to date with your achievements and skills that you acquire throughout your career. 
  3. Stay connected with your family and friends – Due to privacy issues or some other reason, social media may not be your thing. An online space with your personal domain name may be a great way to connect to your friends and loved ones throughout the world. You can arrange reunions, share pictures, and precious moments with security and peace of mind.  
  4. Give your kid an edge – Domain names are bought out by strangers on the internet all the time. If your child’s domain name gets claimed by someone else, you or your kid may have to invest a lot more to acquire it in the future. You may not have an option other than thinking of a clever synonym or adding numbers to the domain name. Hence, think of it as an investment for your child’s future. 
  5. Get creative – TLD’s or top-level domains are becoming available to a wider group of demographics every day. You can get out of the usual “.com” and get creative with your business. If you do fashion photography, you can buy “”.


Mark Roemer believes that you should acquire your personal domain name as soon as you can. If you are late to the game, you may end up paying quite a few times more for your desired domain name. For instance, back in 2011, Facebook paid $8.5 million to acquire


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