Makeup Challenges: How They Affect Your Perception of a Product

Food as makeup. A hundred layers of foundation. Glitters. There are so many makeup challenges available on YouTube. When you watch them, they seem fun and not at all dangerous, even if they’re a bit over the top. However, in reality, they might be more than damaging to the face. On top of that, they can also completely skew your perception of makeup.

If you’re not using products that are gentle on the skin, you might have more problems on your hands than just getting rid of caked on foundation.

Food should stay in the kitchen

It’s one thing to use an eyebrow makeup for sale to shape and fill in your brows. You know that the formulation was meant to be used on your skin, particularly in areas near your eyes. However, if you use food or other items to draw on your brows, even if you get the same color, the quality will never be the same. Coffee, though a beloved beverage, is not exactly known to be safe when applied topically on the skin. The same goes for other items in the pantry that you may decide to put on your skin for a makeup challenge.

A layer is enough

When you’re buying a foundation or moisturizer, you stick with the assumption that you will use it normally, which means one to two layers if the product is buildable. Anything beyond that is simply a waste of product and a challenge to your skin. The more layers you pile on, the higher the chance of the product clogging your pores. There’s no guarantee that even the most hardworking makeup cleanser can remove them all at once. Plus, your skin will not be able to breathe with all those layers, so it’s hardly a good look on you. If you’re going to review the same foundation for how well it covered your imperfections, do so with a regular amount of product, not several layers of it just to get the views.

Authentic reviews matter more

When you watch YouTubers use makeup in unique ways, you’re partly there for the entertainment but you’re also partly there to see how the product holds up. However, because the products are not being used as intended, the results will not be accurate and helpful for you. You want to know whether a foundation or eyebrow makeup will be able to give you the look you want, so go look for reviews that use them for a regular makeup look. Everything else that’s for entertainment should be left at that. Otherwise, you’ll be getting the notion that none of the products you liked were working at all.

You don’t need to stop watching entertaining makeup challenges if you enjoy them. You can also watch all the reviews about the products you’re interested in. As long as you keep a clear distinction of the two, and decide according to which one is closer to your situation, you’ll get the makeup products that truly work under pressure.

Written by Clare Louise

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