Look for the Smartest Solutions in the Texas Hold’em

Poker has several variants, but the best known and most popular is Texas Hold’em No-Limit . Hold’em’s goal is to make the highest possible card combination. In the text below we explain exactly how the most popular poker variant works. At the bottom of the page we have posted a special video with game explanations that you can also watch.


The situs online poker is and remains a very nice game, more and more people are becoming interested in the game. There are now quite a few community websites where people discuss hands, strategies, tournaments and much more about poker. You can play live poker tournaments all over the country, Holland Casino organizes a lot, but our own Poker Series are also very popular. For those new to poker, we recommend continuing our knowledge base. In the knowledge base you can learn a lot about the game and all its facets. 

On this page you will find a detailed explanation of the most popular poker variant: Texas Hold’em. This variant is the most played and requires different competences from the players (such as experience, table image, strategy). You are never an accomplished poker player, there are always points that you can learn. Poker is a game that moves constantly, there are always other situations that you have to anticipate. Poker is therefore always evolving. Many poker terms are also in English. In America, poker is a developed sport, for some situations or actions is not a Dutch word.

Why would you want to play poker?

First of all, let’s get rid of a misunderstanding: poker isn’t gambling. Often poker is mentioned in a sentence with blackjack, roulette and other games (because these games can also be played in a casino). In a game such as roulette, the profit expectation is negative in advance, because the casino must also earn something. People who play roulette or blackjack make long-term losses. In poker everyone has a statistically equal chance of winning, in casinos you only pay a percentage of the pot. So it comes down to the skill of the player at the table. Cards are important (getting good cards all night makes playing easier, of course), but in the long run, the best player will win.

What makes poker so much fun? Why not start playing a different card game?

Actually, the answer to the question is quite simple: poker is very versatile. Many card games are all about luck, tactical ingenuity or remembering other people’s cards. In poker, these three factors all play a role, actually more factors. A professional poker player has several top level features. Estimating mathematical opportunities, your opponents can ‘read, perform under pressure, bluff and think ahead. The versatility of poker makes poker unique and therefore fun. An additional advantage is that poker rules are easy to learn. However, you are never completely finished, even professionals still learn every day. Do you want to play a real poker tournament? Then our poker series.


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