List of Colleges & Universities accepting GRE Score

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GRE exam is not limited to a course or university. Through the GRE exam, one can take admission to various courses and universities across the world. Many universities are accepting GRE results. Majority of GRE aspirants take admission in the MBA courses. Unlike GMAT, there are no average scores for top B-schools or Law schools. Engineering courses also require GRE scores.

GRE has a standard test pattern. It measures an aspirant’s verbal, quantitative, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. A good score in GRE increases your chances of admission to a reputed university while a low score puts you out of the race. It doesn’t guarantee admission — other factors like future goals, CVs and work experience matter. So there are various other factors but let’s take a look at the universities giving admission through GRE results.

Top institutions accepting GRE scores

Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) takes admission to its engineering courses through GRE results. It is ranked among the top universities in the world. MIT accepts GRE scores for mostly all of its programmes, including economic science, civil engineering, political science, mechanical engineering, and others. For civil and environmental engineering, the percentile is required above 90%. For aerospace and aeronautics, the percentile is between 92-98%. The GRE scores are converted into a percentile.

Harvard University

Harvard is one of the oldest, finest and best universities in the world. It is known for its competition. Getting a place at Harvard University is very difficult. It gives admission to engineering, management as well as law programs through GRE results. Admission to most of the departments requires a GRE score of greater than 320.

Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the most elite universities in the world. The university is among the top universities. Be it any department; excellence is the word for all the courses you find. It accepts a GRE score above 320. The university takes admission to almost all its departments through GRE scores. For computer science, the GRE score converted to percentile was 90% and for maths, 90-99% is accepted.

Caltech or the California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology is one of the renowned universities in the world. It is among the top five universities of the world. It takes in GRE results for admission to its courses. Being a technology institute, Caltech emphasises quantitative scores. The demand for high scores in the quantitative section is more than verbal.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is also among the top 10 universities. It is known for its business and professional schools, namely, the Booth School of Business and the Pritzker School of Medicine. GRE score is asked in most of the departments. It has a minimum GRE requirement.

Princeton University

Among Ivy leagues, Princeton University is one of the top universities in the world. It has a very competitive filtration system. Apart from GRE scores it requires, statement of purpose and reference letters. The GRE scores required is as high as 320.

Other universities accepting GRE

Let’s also see some other universities accepting GRE scores.


USA’s institutions are the prominent ones accepting GRE scores. Be it in an MBA or other courses, GRE is a must in most of the universities.

Some universities accepting GRE results are:-

  • University of Pennsylvania: Wharton
  • University of California – Berkeley: Haas
  • Columbia Business School
  • Northwestern University: Kellogg
  • New York University: Stern
  • Yale School of Management


Apart from USA, Canada also accepts GRE. They prefer GRE scores in management schools. Here is a list:-

  • University of Toronto: Rotman
  • University of British Columbia: Sauder
  • University of Alberta
  • Queen’s University: Smith

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