Laptops v/s Smartphones: Which Should You Buy?

A decade ago, we never imagined we would have the kind of technology we have today. Of course, we knew things would be advanced, but who would have thought that you could fit the Internet in the palm of your hands?

Gone are the days when accidentally clicking the web browser icon on a phone would lead to a panicked frenzy, as we hit the back button multiple times to make sure the data didn’t start up. And gone are the days when we all had bulky desktops hooked up to a dial-up connection. Now, everywhere you look, you can see laptops thinner than notebooks, and smartphones gracing every hand.

With smartphones having over half the functionality of a laptop, the question remains – which one is worth splurging on? Should you get a laptop at all? Here’s what you should know:


If you’re considering buying a laptop, analyse whether you really need one. Many people choose to skip this purchase since it can cost a hefty amount, and most day-to-day necessities can be performed on a phone, such as reading the news, browsing social media, streaming entertainment, etc.

However, if you are a student or a working professional, there’s a good chance you’ll require one to perform research, study, work on projects, write papers, use certain softwares, and increase overall productivity and efficiency. In this case, you should conduct enough research to see which one fits your needs best. You can then buy laptops on EMI to ensure you don’t spend all your savings at once.


Mobile devices are probably more tempting purchases, simply because we use smartphones more than any other device within our range. Mobiles are more portable, offer better connectivity, and have high-tech features that laptops don’t. If you have no requirements for a laptop, you should go ahead and purchase a smartphone. But check out what’s to come in the markets since the brand you want now may launch a new one with better specs later in the year.

You’ll also want to compare models to make sure you’re not paying more for a brand name when another device with the same specs is cheaper. After all, phones are a lot heavier on the pockets now. The same way you can find laptops on EMI, you can find mobiles on EMI as well, which comes in handy if your choice is on the pricier side.

Once you’ve made your decision, ensure that you maintain the upkeep of the gadget to get the most for your money. Check out ZestMoney for great no-cost EMI plans, whether you’re looking to buy smartphones on EMI or any other electronic device.

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