Johannesburg holidays tips

Johannesburg holidays have a remarkable deal to provide every person. When in Johannesburg expect to view a lively, vibrant and dynamic city. There is a best combination of Victoria and Edwardian  architecture with newer buildings of glass and concrete throw in.

How to get to Johannesburg

There are direct cheap flights to Johannesburg from UK, which is placed approximately fourteen miles to the east of central Johannesburg. If you want to experience Johannesburg and neighboring places freely it is probably best that you get care hire from Johannesburg Airport, as public transport can involve a lengthily wait. The top substitute driving yourself around is to take benefit of the local taxi services.

Where to stay in Johannesburg

The Rosebank and Sandton areas offer Johannesburg holiday and things to do in Johannesburg a rich feel as you rub shoulders with some of the most seriously people in South Africa. Anyway, whatever your budget you will find a full range of accommodation, from locations best for cheap holidays to Johannesburg to the more comfy upmarket hotels if you are feeling extravagant.

What to do in Johannesburg

You could go into the local zoo where the open plan arrangement means that animals are bordered by moats, rather than the typical bars or glass that you would view in other countries. Your holidays in Johannesburg would not be done without a visit to the township of Soweto where you have a guided trip of the home that Nelson Mandela grew up in. there are places and museums of interest to explore such as the World Heritage place of the Cradle of Humankind.

Restaurants in Johannesburg

One thing that we can all agree is that the Johannesburg city has a plethora of choice when it comes to the best restaurants Johannesburg that are well value a visit to satisfy the inner foodie.

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar

Pablo Egg-Go Bar, as the name advises is all about the egg and celebrating when it is done for us as individuals that love food. You can grab free range egg based brunches and breakfasts that have prominent ties to middle eastern cooking at this city favourite.

Salvation Cafe

This is forever been one of those places that only those in know tend to frequent – we do not fault them for not sharing as the food here is some of the top you will find in Jozi. Breakfast is the meal of option here and you can pick from a host of breakfast burritos, eggs Benedict, health/fruit choices to satisfy your early morning food needs.

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