Incoming typhoon or earthquake? Ensure your thing’s safety by renting a storage unit

Clare Louise

When a natural disaster is about to hit our part of the world, a number of precautions need to be made. While protecting your family is naturally the number one goal. However, it’s also necessary to protect your physical assets. Utilising a rental storage unit could be the perfect solution

Here’s how to use your storage Horsham facilities to keep your products safe ahead of a pending flood, earthquake, or natural disaster.

Place all potentially dangerous items in the storage unit

The most telling feature of the storage unit feature is that it can be used to temporarily store household gods that could have caused danger during the disaster. Boxing up your glassware and other breakable items before taking them to the storage unit could make a huge difference. Some electrical goods are best left in the storage unit too.

As well as dangerous items, it’s worth keeping the products that you cannot afford to lose in storage Horsham unit too. Furniture can be stored in the unit, either upside down or disassembled, for greater success too. Important documents and files (business or personal) can be kept at the storage unit to prevent losing them too.

Store items in the storage unit correctly

While the storage unit instantly reduces some of the threats to your family as well as the goods themselves, these areas can still be hit by ground movements, etc. While a lack of windows is another positive feature that protects the goods, you need to ensure that items won’t fall over and get damaged.

Ensuring that delicate and fragile items are individually wrapped before putting them into boxes is vital. Meanwhile, items should be stacked in a practical manner based on size and weight. Packing boxes tightly will additionally prevent them toppling over due to the winds and ground movements. Given that there are no power outlets either, electrical fires aren’t an issue either.

Protect garden items

As well as the items that are kept in the house, you can store garden tools and ornaments in the storage unit. While you may wish to use a groundsheet to protect boxes from water damage on the ground, products like garden tools can be placed straight on the floor due to their robust properties.

You can tie items together or cover them with sheets too. Ultimately, the aim is to stop them being blown around the garden, which could cause damage to the main property as well as the garden shed or other outdoor buildings. Given that these external areas are at greater risk of weather-related damage, you must not ignore this feature.

Don’t forget insurance

Finally, you should put storage unit insurance in place. The storage Horsham units will be protected by security while nobody can get into the units either. However, severe climate conditions can still cause some damage that is beyond the control of anyone. With the emotional and financial reassurances of a good insurance package in place, you won’t have to worry.

Instead, you can focus on keeping your family safe and protected.

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