How to make the most of a Bali trip

If you decided to go on a trip, and your destination is Bali, here are some tips and recommendations that will explain how to make the most of a Bali trip.

When to go

Probably the best time to go is between April and October. July and August are peak season (when there are the most tourists and prices are highest), just like the Christmas / New Year period. Between November and March, the rainy season prevails, and the west coast of the island (Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, etc.) is exposed to sea currents from January to March, which brings trash and plastic debris (the so-called trash season).


You’ll need to change your currency to local Indonesian Rupees. Make sure you do this in official exchange offices because unofficial places will probably try to cheat.

When it comes to language, everyone speaks English, so you will not have communication problems.

There are supermarkets, clinics, and restaurants from around the world, and generally everything you need can be found in all the tourist hot spots, so there’s no reason not to feel at home. And one of the most important things – prices are more than acceptable.

Moving around the island

Due to the narrow roads and high concentration of vehicles in a relatively small area, the scooter is often the most practical solution to avoid traffic jams around the island.

Taxi (official only) is a pretty good way of moving around for a small amount of money. You can also get a car or scooter that will take you from point A to point B. The boat is also pretty cheap. However, because of the heavy traffic and local riders, you must be extra cautious.


Ubud is a good starting point for exploring the island. There is a lot of accommodation – from hostels (which cost only a few dollars per night) through the hotel; to luxury villas with infinity pools overlooking the rice fields. Since Bali is an affordable destination, accommodation prices are only rarely expensive, and top accommodations can be found at reasonable prices – if booked on time. Check out some cheap hotels in Bali here.


The southwestern part of the island (extending from Canggu to Kuta) is the most touristy and noisiest part of the island. On the east side, there are Nusa Dua and Benoa, and Sanur where the speedboats for nearby Nusa Penida depart. This part of the coast is considered more peaceful and more oriented towards resort tourism and remains somewhat spared during the garbage season (between January and March).


Bali is not a predominantly beach destination, so if you are looking for turquoise lagoons, white sand, and palm trees overhanging the sea, this might not be the best place for you. Except for a few bright scattered around the island (some of which are difficult to reach), the Bali volcanic beaches are wide, long, and often more suitable for surfers rather than swimmers. On the bright side, those on the southwestern (most touristy) side of the island, are packed with beach bars, so at least you won’t be bored if the waves are too big to swim in the sea.


An island east of Bali and one of probably Instagram’s most sought after locations in this part of the world. If you are exploring the island in peace and enjoying the natural beauties, it might be better to spend the night there.

NUSA LEMBONGAN and NUSA CENINGAN – 2 small islands connected by a bridge, half an hour away by Bali speedboat.

GILI ISLANDS – a group of islands northeast of Bali, next to Lombok Island, approximately 2.5 hours by speedboat. Since there are no cars on the islands, it is most practical to explore them by bicycle.

LEMPUYANG TEMPLE (HEAVEN’S GATE) – One of the most recognizable photos from Bali, the Celestial Door. It is the first in a series of seven temples that make up the most important sacred complex in Bali, Pura Lempuyang Luhur. It takes approximately 4 hours to hike to the peak of Lempuyang Mountain.

HANDARA GATE – Another heaven gate and another tourist photo destination. Due to the great interest of tourists, you will be charged around $2 for taking the photo. For the best photos (due to the position of the sun and the rush of tourists), it is optimal to arrive either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

WANAGIRI HIDDEN HILLS – A popular place above Buyan Volcanic Lake. A swing, a pair of nesting birds, and something else pleasing, with a lake in the background can be yours for around $6.

BALI SWING – There is probably no tourist who returned from Bali without a recognizable photograph of a swing tied to a palm tree in the background that is rice fields. The highest concentration of such swings is located in the Bali Swing adventure park near Ubud.

WATERFALLS – The island is full of impressive waterfalls, and in some of them, you are allowed to swim. One of the most impressive (which includes some trekking through the woods) is Sekumpul Falls.

SPA / FLOWER BATHS – The final tip on how to make the most of a Bali trip is to visit the flower baths. The inside of Bali has formed over time a true spa oasis, and thanks to its wide offer and reasonable prices, there is something for everyone.

Bali is an amazing place for tourists to visit. In this article, we have outlined many sights and sounds for you to visit and be sure to stock up your itinerary with as much activities as you can when you arrive here.

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