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How to Install a Pet Door

Does your furry little friend need a pet door for sliding door access to your yard? Cat flaps and doggie doors are critical for those of us that have to go to work and leave our pets at home. Nobody wants to come home to a mess, and most pets do not want to be cooped up inside all day when they could be laying in the yard getting some sun. Pet doors are going to save your carpets and will help keep your furry friends happy.

Installing a pet door for sliding door access is generally a pretty simple process. First, you will check to see what type of sliding door you have. The most important thing to note is what kind of sliding rail you have. If it’s a monorail, it may make for slightly more complex installation, but you can usually find some adaptors to help out.

Next up is to measure your pet. Measure at its widest spot, then add about 5 cm to it. Measure at the highest point of the shoulder and then add around 2.5 cm to ensure your pet has the room it needs to use the door easily.

Measure the height of the door and determine how wide the new panel needs to be. A pet door for sliding door use will require the installation of a separate panel with the pet flap preinstalled. Getting accurate measurements of the door height and width will help when choosing the proper panel for installation. Most doors are going to be available in sizes from small to extra large. Double-check the width if your pet is more on the extra-large size as you will still need to be able to use the door as well.

Once the measurements are complete, it is time to get the panel. Keep in mind the old adage “measure twice, cut once.” It is not fun having to return a panel because of a measuring error. Place your new panel in the door to make sure you have got the perfect size.

Place the bottom onto the track and tighten the screws to hold it in place while you adjust the top to fit. Once the top is set, tighten everything down and give it a test. Send your pet through and sit back with the peace of mind only a clean carpet can provide.

Your furry little friend is going to love the ease of access to the yard, and you will, too. Set aside an hour or two to complete this project. If you are going on holiday, you can take the panel out and secure the sliding door as usual. That will keep your home safe.

Written by Carol Graham

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