How to find the right plastic surgeon for me

Plastic surgery is a big decision to make, a big step in life, and not to be taken lightly. You are looking at changing your appearance for good. Maybe looking forward to having to work done and feeling more confidence about yourself. You may be unsure. But don’t worry. Make sure you choose a qualified, competent and experienced plastic surgeon who is regulated.

Most UK cosmetic surgery procedures are regulated by the general medical council.
To carry out cosmetic surgery, a surgeon has to be a qualified doctor, therefore they will be thoroughly trained in medicine and will have excellent knowledge of human anatomy and procedures.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Choose someone who is regulated or certified by the GMC or other body, that way you know that they are answerable to someone. You have to find a surgeon who you feel comfortable with and who you feel can answer your questions honestly and responsibly rather than thinking simply about the profits that you will bring them.

Check their qualifications and history, their reviews, reviews and testimonies are important, they help you to see what care you might expect, while the surgeon himself will tell you what to expect from the procedure.

Overall, the right surgeon is the one who you feel safe with when you have done your evaluation and shopped around.

Don’t forget your doctor.

Before considering surgery, make sure that your GP is happy about it and has no concerns relating to your health. Your doctor may even know of a reputable surgeon or have other advice to offer. He or she may want to check your blood pressure and general health in order to confirm that you are fit for surgery, although a reputable plastic surgeon will also do these checks.

The NHS also offers a comprehensive guide to cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Abroad

Have you considered plastic surgery abroad? Have you thought about any UK-trained, reputable and well-reviewed surgeons who have even carried out procedures for celebrities?

Surgery abroad, for example, Brussels or Poland, is cheaper than in the UK. You could take a break or holiday to allow you time out to recover from your surgery and enjoy the amazing sights and features of Poland. Find out how you can get plastic surgery abroad.

Europe Surgery has a UK-based, English-speaking call centre and consultation facilities, so you don’t have any language barrier to think about, all you have to do is arrange your consultation, flights, and accommodation if it isn’t included in the package, and enjoy a life-changing break from which you come back as a new person.

The clinic will advise you on rest and recovery times after surgery, and you may have to remain in the country for a few days after the surgery, for your own safety. Even with the prices of flights, it is still a cheaper than UK prices, and with the bonus of a trip abroad. Prices are transparent and honest, no hidden extras.

Surgery Abroad.

It is vital to always know your surgeon’s credentials if you opt for the money-saving option of surgery abroad. Don’t just go for anyone. At Europe Surgery, you can be assured that your surgeon was trained in the UK, speaks English, has carried out over 10,000 procedures, and has many testimonials to his quality of care.


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