How to Cleverly Manage Multiple Bloggers Blog?


Managing multiple bloggers can be frustrating if you don’t manage it well. You might have to put up with multiple issues, and sometimes all of them happen together. 

  • An author has written on irrelevant topic.
  • The code that needs to work but doesn’t.
  • Two authors covered the same topic from the same angle.
  • Baloney the deadline got missed

Working with multiple authors can be a pleasure, if you have everything in place. Their keenness to risk being extraordinarily creative, work as a team in harmony, experience the challenges, and different perspectives are a few joys of working on WordPress multiple bloggers blogs. 

Before you launch a multiple blogger blog, do your groundwork and start with a proper management strategy. After doing research, you will get a good idea about creating the content guidelines for your guest writers. You will need proper tools like the WordPress author plugins to automate the tasks. 

Your blog must create an environment that supports the editorial workflow technically. The Authors Bio Plugin like the Simple Author Box Pro ensures that your guest authors won’t have to struggle with the technicalities. They can concentrate on their content and upload it on your blog. Happy guest bloggers mean positive promotion, as readers are also satisfied.

Author’s Box plugin is the solution

WordPress plugins allow you to do complex tasks without any programming skills. The design difference can be got from improving the author’s box section with style-sheet and not codes. You have a lot of author’s bio plugins to choose from to create a customized author box that suits your blog and needs. 

Using plugins means no need to touch the code. You get the basic features in a free version of Simple Author Box plugin, but the premium package allows customization beyond the default list. The Simple Authors Box Pro has user-friendly features.

Basic features

  • It integrates seamlessly with the latest WordPress version and offers a native experience.
  • Shows the author’s name, gravatar, description, website, and social icons.
  • Looks great on desktop, tablet, laptop, and Smartphone…..responsive design.
  • Fully customizable to blend efficiently with your design theme.
  • Manually or automatically insert the author’s box.
  • Offers RTL and AMP support

Pro features

  • Change the position of the author’s box after/before the post.
  • Select the position to display the author’s box.
  • Choose whether to link the author’s name to his/her webpage/website/none.
  • Add a rotate effect on the author’s avatar hover.
  • Customize social icons.
  • Option to add the Nofollow attribute on the author’s site link.
  • Option to open the author’s site link in a new tab.
  • Choose font and size for the title.
  • Give credit to co-authors
  • Option to change the color palette.
  • Display the top authors’ widget based on comments.

Multiple authors’ blog experiences a challenge, when many authors [co-authors] work on a single post. Be default, the WP allows single author per blog post. However, Simple Author Box Pro breaks this barrier and credit every co-author contributing to a single post. Thus contributors feel included, as they get featured on the list. 

Simple Author Box Pro is one of the best author plugins having more than 40,000 users to date. Blog owners can customize the author’s bio box and display their authors as experts and celebrities in the niche writing creative bio details. 

You will need to add several features to display your author as an important blogger. It will comprise of the author’s short bio, smiling photo in HD, social account address, contact page links, posts numbers, etc. Give the Simple Author Box Pro plugin a try! 

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