How to choose your first electric scooter in 2020?

The electric scooter has been gaining popularity in large urban centers, as an alternative solution for individual transport. However, you need to assess your needs well before deciding to buy one. And only then choose the one that suits you best.

All electric scooters have a battery, which must be charged in the socket before use. The propulsion and speed of the scooter are controlled by the handle on the handlebars. Some models have seats to provide greater comfort to the user and prevent him from standing on the move.

Can anyone use an electric scooter?

Yes, since there is no requirement for the Driver’s License. But, it is necessary to be aware of some details. Children and teenagers can use electric scooters, but it is recommended that the maximum speed of the scooter be set to lower marks. Xiaomi mi m365 electric scooter is powered by a 250W single motor, which generates a maximum speed of 15.5 MPH. With rear disk break and anti-lock regenerative braking system, the rider gets maximum safety. Weight just 26.9 lbs, this folding electric scooter gives you 18+ miles travel range on a single charge. Made with highest quality aerospace-grade aluminum, this electric scooter is light-weight. Thus, it offers good portability and storage option. Remember, helmet use is mandatory for ultimate protection.

How to choose the best electric scooter?

The first thing to do is to define how the electric scooter will be used. In general, you cannot cover great distances. They are indicated for short and medium distances. As there are models that can be folded and transported easily, such as Xiaomi scooter m365 pro, they can be  complementary options to cover commuting from home or college in combination with the use of public transport. There are models dedicated to use in cities with small diameter wheels (up to 4 inches), which are light and fast. There are also all-terrain electric scooters with 10 inches wheels. Although they are not fast, they can move over more rugged terrain. And there are also children’s models, usually smaller and slower.

What electric scooters are available online?

There are several models of electric scooters on the market, ranging from the cheapest to the most well-worked. The cheapest electric scooters are made with the lowest quality materials. So, it must be avoided as far as possible. If you don’t have a budget to buy the a 2000$ electric scooter, the best option is to buy Xiaomi m365 pro folding e-scooter. It costs only $696.

Instead of purchasing an electric scooter, it may be more interesting to rent one for a certain period of time. In this case, the user must pay attention to the area of ​​operation of the companies and also to the fees charged for rent to avoid surprises. In any case, it is necessary to carefully evaluate which option is most convenient and economical, considering each use case and distance traveled. But, it is best to buy an electric scooter. Electric vehicles are solutions that become more affordable.

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