How The Turn-Key Project Management Approach Works To Deliver The Best Outcome For Facility Builds And Upgrades.

If you are considering a building or upgrading an industrial facility, you will probably have a clear idea of the likely significant capital outlay, as well as the potential disruptions that might occur, once you pull the trigger on construction. The decision to build or upgrade is a significant step. It requires detailed design, planning and management to ensure smooth delivery and minimal impacts to the bottom line, either through delayed operations or additional, unforeseen costs.

You have probably also started thinking about the budget implications of engaging a raft of experts and specialist skills you will need to move the project from conception through to design, project management, construction and final commissioning. It’s a daunting task and takes a considerable amount of planning and supervision to ensure the right outcome – and getting that part wrong can generate substantially negative cost and quality outcomes.

Perhaps you haven’t yet considered discussing your project with a service delivery partner that has outstanding expertise industrial and manufacturing engineering, has the in-house resources to design, project-manage, supervise construction and deliver the facility build or upgrade on time, on budget and to the highest standard?

DRYSYS is a bespoke engineering company that specialises in the delivery of turnkey projects for industrial and manufacturing clients. Our competitive advantage starts with our mantra that we are looking to partner with our clients from the moment the project idea starts. And it doesn’t end with the delivery of the final project – we believe in being available in the long term to support our clients.

DRYSYS brings specialist industrial designers and engineers, technology experts and project managers together to provide a whole of project solution for clients. As well as applying our world-class and in-depth knowledge and understanding of industrial processes and equipment, our turnkey solution means that we take the problems of having to engage with, align and supervise multiple parties from different technical backgrounds out of the equation. In doing that, we can provide you with seamless project experience.

Working with some of Australia’s largest industrial and manufacturing brands for over ten years, DRYSYS offers a diverse design and engineering solution with a proven track record of delivering functionality, innovation and quality in all of our turnkey projects. We pride ourselves in developing a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, and end-to-end solutions for complex engineering and industrial projects are our speciality.

Our expertise and experience covers:

  • project management
  • construction & site management
  • procurement & manufacture
  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • hazardous area compliance
  • PLC programming
  • SCADA programming
  • reverse engineering
  • mechanical 2D & 3D drafting
  • electrical drafting
  • start-up and commissioning
  • technical documentation

If you are looking to maximise the outcomes from your capital investment, it makes sense to have a conversation with the team at DRYSYS to understand fully how you can benefit from our turn-key engineering project services.

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