Health Hazards Of Unattended Mold In Your Home

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Mold is a serious hazard if it is growing in the home. Mold can lead to several health issues. If a person had a recent flood they need to contact a water damage restoration in Miami service to help make their home safe again.

Mold in the Household

Mildew is a common type of mold. Mold and mildew can live in the house and they like damp and warm environments. They love humidity in the home. People may have an allergic reaction to mold and it can lead to various health conditions. A person may have a watery eye, a rash, coughing, wheezing, and symptoms related to a cold.

Where Mold Grows in the Home

While most people would think that mold would grow in the bathroom there are other areas where mold can grow. If a person experienced a flood mold can grow wherever the water was. If there is a leak in the pipes this area can be prone to the growth of mold. Drywall, ceiling tires, carpets, furniture, roofing, and the area under the sink can develop mold if they are exposed to water. Mold spores can also enter the home through open doors and windows. If a person has experienced leaks for floods they should call water damage restoration in Miami to remove any mold spores that may have developed.

Health Risk of Mold Exposure

In addition to allergies, mold can be toxic. Mold produces mycotoxins which can present a more serious problem to the health. Mold is toxic to children and elder adults. They are the most at risk for developing complications. Mold is very dangerous for people that have asthma. People may have trouble breathing if they have mold in their homes. They may also develop a fever.

Treatment for Mold Exposure

If a person has been exposed to mold in their home they should see a doctor right away. The doctor will be able to provide treatment and medication. A person should also contact a professional plumber to find the source of the leak. It is important to treat the source so that a person does not continue to grow mold. If they do have an infestation of mold they need to contact a professional restoration company right away. They will be able to remove the mold and will be able to repair anything that has been damaged from the mold.

Mold Prevention

While a person may not be able to protect their home for a natural disaster such as a flood there are some things they can do to prevent the mold from forming in the home. A person should take measures to control the moisture levels in the home. If there is a leak they need to find the source and have it repaired. They should not just ignore the problem. During the humid seasons, a person should look for ways to reduce moisture in the air. A dehumidifier can be used to help keep the indoor humidity levels low.

Mold can be a serious problem in the home. A person should not try to remove the mold on their own. The spores can lead to additional health problems. A person should contact a professional restoration service so they can have the mold removed and have any damage to their home repair right away. Mold is a serious problem and is not something that can be ignored. A professional needs to be called in to handle the problem.            


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