Handy Predicts Future Technology of Social Media


Social media has been constantly evolving since its inception and in the last few years, its popularity has increased tremendously. Under such circumstances, it is obvious to think about how the technology of social media will change in the future. Handy believes that the advancement of technology will make social media more secure, faster, safer, and a seamless experience in the future.

The Predictions

Here are some predictions about how social media might become in the future:

  1. More privacy and security – Privacy is certainly a major concern and every brand needs to find out methods for earning the trust of the customer. Every day, people are becoming more and more conscious about how their data is being used when they share it on social media and whether it can cause them any kind of harm. So, with the rise of new and innovative technology in the future, more concern will be given to the privacy and security of the consumers who use social media.
  2. More videos – Video consumption via social media is certainly on the rise and in the previous few years, it has been observed that people have been looking at video content on social media almost five times more than static content such as images and text. Thus, with technological progress, developers would have to find a way to allow users to consume videos in a smarter and faster way.
  3. Less typing and more use of voice – According to Andrew Ng, the chief scientist at Baidu, at least 50 percent of the online search will be carried out through voice or image by 2020. In recent years, the popularity of voice and image search has increased a lot. Thus, the act of typing may become obsolete and searching through voice might become the new norm as it gets more accurate.
  4. Less personal content and more memes – Researchers have revealed that there has been a 21% drop in the sharing of personal updates in the premier social media network called Facebook. Nowadays, people have started to share less personal information on major social media networks. People are giving more priority to showcase external content such as interesting videos or funny memes and sharing them with their friends instead of sharing personal information.
  5. Mobile focused experience – It is estimated that by 2020, 3 billion people will have access to mobile phones. So, in the future, more and more people will use smartphones for accessing the social media platform. Thus, the new features of social media platforms will be designed keeping the use of smartphones in mind. A smartphone lets users to always stay connected to the internet even on the go. Thus, the developers of the future technology of social media would not miss the opportunity to utilize this advantage that smartphones provide.


According to Handy, nobody can predict what the future holds for us but it is still exciting to make assumptions. After all, if we don’t dream, we cannot move forward.

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