Handy Explains How to Create A Strong Password That Easy to Remember but Hard to Guess


Every year there is one or several stories about hacked accounts and companies gearing up their security. According to Handy, everyone knows they need a strong password. However, remembering a strong and unique password for 10 social media accounts, 3 work accounts, and some other accounts seems impossible. However, there are easy ways to remember strong passwords. But first, let’s check the rules for making a strong password:

Recipe for a Strong Password

  1. Size does matter – Experts and security researchers recommend that you have a password that has at least 8 characters. However, it can be longer if the password is the key to sensitive things like your bank account. 12 or a few more characters would be a good choice. Make sure to not go overboard and choose something too long to remember.
  1. Use all the keyboard – Don’t just stick with lower and uppercase alphabets. Include numbers, special characters, and symbols to increase the strength of your password and add to the nightmare of the hacker.
  1. Don’t use common, dictionary words or patterns – Hackers often use something called a dictionary attack that can easily breach a weak password. There are also common patterns that most people use, and hackers design their algorithm to breach that in the quickest duration.
  1. Keep them unique – Don’t use the same password for a bunch of different accounts. That makes all of them vulnerable after one of them is breached.
  1. Don’t miss out on Two-factor authentication – With two-factor authentication, you get an added layer of safety for your accounts and it makes the hacker’s job quite tough.

Remembering your passwords

  1. Use sentences – Sentences are usually easier to remember than a random string of digits, alphabets, and characters. You can use the characters of your password to make words and join them to make a memorable rhyme or sentence. For instance, if you are a fan of AC/DC, you can make use of one of their song like this: “Sound of the drums, Beating in my heart, The thunder of guns, Tore me apart, You’ve been, Thunderstruck” to “S0tdB!mhTt0gTmaYbT”. You can also use famous quotes or one of your own quotes like this.
  1. Your keyboard is the night sky and your password a constellation – Humans are really good with patterns. We see them in everything. A keyboard seems like a good place to look for one. You can use the different keys on your keyboard as anchor points or “stars” for making a pattern that is easy to remember. You can also make the initial alphabet of your first name into a keyboard constellation.


Handy believes that with the above-mentioned methods you would be able to easily remember not just one, but at least 10 different unique passwords effortlessly. For safe measure, you can also write down all your unique passwords and lock them in a safe, in case you forget any one of them. Make sure to update your passwords and come up with new ones at a regular interval.

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