Handicap Bets for Your Choices

Although the handicap is one of the most important notions in the world of bookmaker betting, but many people always don’t understand the meaning of the definition. Coming to meet them expectations we decided in this tutorial to present not only the notion, but also the types of handicaps which we distinguish, using simple and clear examples. We will start with the notion.

What is handicap? Come back upstairs

Handicap is a type of 먹튀 bet, in which the bookmaker attributes to the team which theoretically is the weakest so-called start supremacy, whose goal is to level the chances of success of the teams for the win. The handicap is attributed at the beginning of the game and they are added to the final result of the game, and then counted by the side of the firm that makes the bets as win or loss.

In which disciplines are handicaps used?

The handicaps are used in practically any sport, starting with the game of football, handball, basketball, flying ball, American sports or tennis. This is one of the most popular game options in sports betting

In which types do we distinguish handicaps?

In a simpler division we have European and Asian handicaps. European (EH) handicaps differ from Asians (AH) with this symbol.

Another important difference, which allows identifying and distinguishing these two types of handicap is the difference in the multiplicity of options to choose from.

In European handicaps we have three options to choose from, in Asians only two.

The last important criterion that allows us to distinguish them is the fact that in European handicaps whole numbers are used to establish the so-called handicap lines (e.g. 0: 1, 0: 2), instead in the case of Asian handicaps the fractions, (eg 1 \ 2, 3 \ 4).

European Handicap

European handicap is easier to understand than its Asian equivalent. The European handicap (0: 1) is equivalent with the X2 option on guests, which does not mean that the courses in both cases will be identical. Let’s now see an example of European handicap on a couple of examples:

Utd. – Stoke (0: 1) (-1) Manchester 2.30 / tie 3.60 / (+1) Stoke

We bet on Manchester Utd. after the course 2.30

  • We win if the Manchester players defeat Stoke with at least 2 or more goals (2: 0, 3: 1, 4: 1, 6: 1 and etc.).

We bet on the Draw after the 3.60 course

  • We win when Manchester United only win with a goal, (e.g. result 1: 0, 2: 1, 3: 2, 4: 3).

Let’s play on the Stoke (+1) after course 2.90

  • We always win when Stoke wins or draws the game (e.g. result 2: 2, 1: 2)

Written by Carol Graham

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