Great fertility Issue Solutions That You Need to have Now

In fertility issues stop thinking about “ovulation periods”. Every woman is different. Her ovulation won’t necessarily start on the 14th day of the month. The best way to have a baby is to have sex throughout the cycle on a regular basis.

Do not neglect the psychological aspect

It is undeniable. The person must feel secure in their relationship to have a child.” And sometimes has to call a specialist. It is necessary “to define and raise the fears and the blockages which can be linked to the history which one had with his own family, which can be linked to the relationship which one has in the couple. Sometimes you just have to find the key to open the doors and make the couple feel free from certain things. Make a visit to for the best result.

know when to worry and when to consult

When a woman is over 35, you shouldn’t wait too long before consulting. The couple can see a doctor after six months of unsuccessful attempts. For others, younger, no need to stress unnecessarily. Because stress, too, accentuates infertility.

  • Nature is very tolerant, and you can have normal ovulations by being very thin, or on the contrary rather overweight. If these limits are exceeded too much, negative consequences on fertility may appear. Conversely, it is sometimes enough to lose (or gain) a few pounds to regain normal fertility , even when staying far from the ideal weight.
  • The tolerance interval is measured by the body mass index (BMI). BMI is calculated by a simple formula = weight / (height in meters) ². Its normal value is 19 to 24.
  • The excess weight has consequences scientifically proven fertility, even if one can encounter obese people who have many children. The risk of not conceiving after one year of waiting is increased by 30% in the case of overweight and by 80% in the case of obesity.

The excessive thinness is also a handicap. To function normally, the ovaries need a certain ratio of muscle mass and fat mass. The consequences on fertility are almost the same as being overweight: severe ovulation disorders, resistance ovarian simulation treatment, and poorer results in IVF.

Physical Exercise

An essential complement to weight loss diets, it also has proven beneficial activity on ovarian functioning.

Eliminate Toxins

Many products can interfere with fertility, but some are particularly affected by the frequency of their use and their harmfulness.

Stop smoking

The negative consequences of smoking on fertility are absolutely certain, in natural fertility as in Medically Assisted Procreation. In IVF, smokers lose a 15% chance of pregnancy.

Smoking causes a decrease in ovarian oocyte reserve, a reduction in the implantation rate of embryos, and sometimes serious complications for the child (low birth weight, premature delivery, lung problems etc.)

All these risks increase with increasing frequency. The extent and duration of consumption. But since we do not know if there is a limit below which there would be no risk, the instruction is rather to stop completely. Passive smoking could also be harmful.

Written by Carol Graham

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