Go Back in Time With the Victorian Corsets to Get the Perfect Royal Look


In 1837 as Queen Victoria ascended to the throne, the fashion press looked to this young, vibrant queen to endorse new fashion trends. She became a style icon for her age, popularizing the trend of wearing a Victorian corset to get the royal, luxurious look. Dress of the late 1840s was characterised by drooping shoulders, long pointed angles, having a low pinched-in waist. These low-waisted dresses were all supported by long, heavily-boned corsets to retain the perfect shape.

Most modern women relate to the idea of wearing a Victorian corset from classic films like Gone with the Wind. The movie and posters showed elegant Victorian women holding tight while her maid pulls at the corset strings to achieve the perfect and highly restrictive tiny waist.

Victorian fashion is still sought after as Victorian women are highly admired for being fashion cautious as they used to takea lot of effort for the sake of fashion.

Historically, large crinolines, protruding bustles, and heavily boned corsets were causing restricted movements, limiting their activities. But, with advanced machinery in the early 20th century,  underwear with new designs gave women the much needed comfort and confidence. Comfort, health, and contributionto sports resulted in women becoming more aware of their bodies ‘needs, helping them choose the right underwear and corset.

Wearing a Victorian-era costume takes you back in time when the female figure was made perfectby boned corsets.

To achieve thisroyal look, you can choose from below to get the perfect Victorian corsetlook:

  • Custom made Victorian corsets that are the best fitting and most comfortable for long term wear.
  • The steel bone corsets, also known as the waist trainers, provide extended support for most body shapes without pinching the pocket much.
  • Costume corsets give a prettier look, adding glamour to the Victorian style corsets. But, they lack support or quality materials. Underbust corsets are trending as they are designed to be worn as outer clothing.
  • The last option is to sew a Victorian corset yourself based on a good reproduction corset sewing pattern and an online class.

Wear aVictorian corset to relive the Victorian era, to look gorgeous, pretty and royal. Find the perfect one that suits your budget and style to steal the show.

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