Get The Most Of Facial Results With These Procedures


With facial surgical procedures, changing appearance is much easier than before. This usually refers to aging signs and fat tissue. These issues are efficiently removed or reduced with the specialized procedures, which can be combined, for the best results.

Facelift surgical procedure

Maybe one of the most requested facial procedures is the facelift surgical procedure. This procedure has a big number of amazing results and satisfied clients, and it has a few variations. Because the total or classical facelift procedure is covering the whole face, and it is quite invasive, some people need a few corrections on their faces, so the facelift variations are created.

This means that some people would like to improve the look of their mid-face, or neck and lower face, and they don’t need the classical facelift procedure. For them, some of the mini-facelift, mid-facelift or S-lift procedures, can be a great solution. Each of these options will lift up the sagging skin, reduce the wrinkles, excess skin and fat.

Neck contouring

Neck lift procedure is the great companion to the facelift procedure. During this surgery, the doctor will create a tighter and smoother skin on your neck, making it younger and beautiful. The neck lift Sydney from Dr Hodgkinson will tighten the loose muscles on the neck, it will remove the excess and sagging skin, giving your neck a firmer and better-defined look.

The neck is a big part of your appearance

People with excess fat tissue on their necks undergo a neck liposuction procedure. After this surgery, the person will achieve a slimmer neck, that will also improve the look of the face. This is done by the cannula that is inserted right under the skin to suck up the excess fat tissue. Incisions are small, and the surgeon will make two or three of them.

Eyelid procedure

One more amazing surgical procedure is the eyelid procedure. Because the facelift surgical procedure not designed to fix the issues with eyelids, this procedure is also a great addition to the classical facelift procedure. Eyelid surgery will create wider eyes, as the skin around them will be refreshed, rejuvenated and tighter.

Problems with upper eyelids are usually sagging skin and fat tissue that is affecting the eyelid to sag even more. This can change the appearance of your face, making you tired, angry or worried. By removing the excess skin and fat tissue, these issues are easily fixed.

Bags under eyelids can be permanently removed

As for the lower eyelids, the eye bag removal Sydney from Dr Hodgkinson can be a great solution. The surgeon will remove the excess fat skin under your eyes, which will create a refreshed look to your whole face.

Final word

Each of these procedures are giving great results in their field. But, a combination of these procedures is much more effective for achieving the rejuvenated and younger look. You will also cover a few issues with one procedure, so you will have one recovery period.



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